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Purple Punch Auto, a strain that exemplifies the epitome of autoflowering sophistication.

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Plant Appearance:

Behold the visual marvel that is Purple Punch Auto. Its buds, dense and glistening like culinary jewels, exhibit a mesmerizing purple hue. As they unfurl, these buds release an inviting aroma, enticing you to explore further.


Embark on a journey of sensory delight with Purple Punch Auto. The result of thoughtfully selected ancestry, this strain offers an intense yet harmonious high. From the first inhale to the exhale, experience the symphony of effects that grace both body and mind.


Purple Punch Auto is the epitome of a well-rounded cultivar. Quick to flourish and adorned with crystal-rich buds, it captures the essence of gourmet craftsmanship. Throughout its flowering phase, it generously imparts a symphony of alluring pheromones, creating an environment of sensory delight.


In the world of cannabis, Purple Punch Auto is the embodiment of the uncomplicated elegance we seek. With a medium to high yield, it presents the fruits of your labor as potent, aromatic kolas. Whether you’re a seasoned grower or a budding enthusiast, Purple Punch Auto offers a flavorful and bountiful harvest.

Unveil the allure of Purple Punch Auto, a strain that embodies the perfect marriage of taste and effect, a masterpiece that delights both the senses and the soul.


More Information
SeedbankMonkey Genetics
VarietyHybrid (40/60 - 60/40)
Type of floweringAutoflowering
Flowering time (indoors)7-8 weeks
THCHigh THC(15-20%)
CBD contentLow
Plant HeightMedium
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