6 Cosmic Cannabis Seeds that are out of this world
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6 Cosmic Cannabis Seeds that are out of this world

The Amsterdam Seed Center collection and the universe have a lot in common. They are both vast and have mind-boggling amounts of planets - seeds in our case - and some of the brightest shining stars/seeds in the cosmos.

In the same way that stars are born and galaxies evolve, these cannabis strains have evolved over time, adapting and offering a symphony of flavours and experiences to those who dare to explore them.

Let us guide you through the vastness of our galaxy as we discover intergalactic terpene profiles and uncover hybrids with enough THC to send you to the moon. Join us on a rocket-fueled voyage to the stars and beyond. These are six cosmic cannabis strains that are out of this world.

Planet Lemon

Make Planet Lemon the centre of your universe, and be amazed by it's cosmic beauty. When you indulge in this celestial lemon body, you will feel like you're orbiting the stars—Planet Lemon by T.H. Seeds will take you on a jet-fueled rocket ride. The plants will reach for the moon up to 1.5 metres, producing a constellation of trichome-covered flowers packed full of zest and bursts of sweet lemons. Planet Lemon will flower in 8-9 weeks and has a THC content of >20%.

Blackberry Moonrocks

Those nerds at NASA have been studying moon rocks for decades, but they have yet to suggest growing them. In step, Anesia Seeds and the astronomically potent Blackberry Moonrocks. This one looks like it came straight from the moon. The buds of the Blackberry Moonrocks are rock hard, soaked in resin, and often have a bluish-purple shimmer or even black colour. Becoming a more vibrant purple strain as the flowering progresses. The flowers are excessively covered with trichomes and will glisten like the moon in the night sky.

Red Dwarf

You won't need a telescope to see this Red Dwarf. This mostly indica auto by Buddha Seeds is compact and intense. Because Red Dwarf stars are the most common, you can see them everywhere. The same goes for growing Red Dwarf by Buddha Seeds. This potent auto will shine indoors and out and flower in 6-7 weeks.


This stellar hybrid is almost 20 years old but remains one of the brightest stars in the Paradise Seeds galaxy. This multi-award-winning indica will perform well in all grow mediums and produce flowers that will glisten with THC. Nebula by Paradise Seeds will stretch a bit for an indica, but it has obese buds capable of being the centre of anyone's universe. Nebula performs best inside, though it will also shine outdoors.

High Mars

Consume too much of this, and you will set up base camp in another dimension. High Mars by Anesia Seeds is an almost too-potent hybrid with >36% THC. This hybrid is one of the universe's natural beauty and a perfect example of cosmic evolution at Anesia Seeds. It is an excellent choice for both experienced users and patients suffering from chronic pain, insomnia, depression, or stress.

Jupiter OG

Cali Connection has named this one after the most giant planet in our solar system, and the reason why? Because Jupiter OG produces yields that leave nothing to be desired. It's easy to observe this planet. You will see abundant reddish hairs covering tight crystallised nuggets. And results that are out of this world. Jupiter OG is ideal for medical users and can elevate earthy aches and relieve insomnia or pain.

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