T.H.Seeds   T.H.Seeds was founded over 25 years ago and have stuck to a simple phil...
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  1. autobubblegum1
    AUTO Bubblegum - 5PACK - Feminised - T.H.Seeds
  2. autocriticalhog1
    AUTO Critical Hog - 5PACK - Feminised - T.H.Seeds
  3. Auto French Cookies - 6-pack
    Auto French Cookies - 6-pack - Feminised - T.H.Seeds
  4. Auto MK Ultra - 5-pack
    Auto MK Ultra - 5-pack - Feminised - T.H.Seeds
  5. northernhog1
    AUTO Northern Hog - 5PACK - Feminised - T.H.Seeds
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T.H.Seeds was founded over 25 years ago and have stuck to a simple philosophy - To protect genetics and serve mankind. It is one of the oldest and most renowned cannabis seedbanks. T.H.Seeds was involved in the early days of the High Times Cup and has won multiple cannabis cups over the last decades and became one of the first seedbanks to be inducted into the Hight Time Seedbank Hall of Fame. 

What started as a cannabis information centre in Amsterdam (C.I.A) became a world-famous seed bank with many celebrity admirers, including Snoop Dogg and Woody Harrelson. 

Famous T.H.Seeds Cannabis strains

T.H.Seeds constantly innovate and release new cannabis strains and have enjoyed success in recent years with cannabis strains like French Cookies, Underdawg, MOB, Strawberry Glue and French Macaron. However, their first claims to fame are the original Bubblegum and cannabis strains like MK-Ultra and S.A.G.E. 

Growing T.H.Seeds

T.H.Seeds has something for every grower. Some of their strains might need more training or care than others, but depending on what you want from your cultivation, T.H.Seeds should have something for you. They have one of the best collections of modern and old-school genetics and provide one of the most varied choices on the market today. 

Amsterdam Seed Center - T.H.Seeds 

Amsterdam Seed Center is proud to be home to fellow Amsterdammers and to some of the best cannabis genetics on the market. We have a healthy selection of T.H.Seeds to choose from and our expert growers are always happy to help you buy cannabis seeds online or in-store. 

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