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Barney's Farm Cannabis Seeds   The Barneys Farm story began in the late 1980s' when a group of friend...
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  1. Afghan Hash Plant
    Afghan Hash Plant - Regular - Barney's Farm
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  2. CBD Caramel - 10PACK
    CBD Caramel - 10PACK - Regular - Barney's Farm
  3. Critical Kush - 10PACK
    Critical Kush - 10PACK - Regular - Barney's Farm
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  4. G13 Haze - 10PACK
    G13 Haze - 10PACK - Regular - Barney's Farm
  5. Pineapple Haze - 10PACK
    Pineapple Haze - 10PACK - Regular - Barney's Farm
  6. Widow Remedy - 10PACK
    Widow Remedy - 10PACK - Regular - Barney's Farm
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Barney's Farm Cannabis Seeds

The Barneys Farm story began in the late 1980s' when a group of friends met in the Himalayas and started collecting seeds. They spent three years travelling across Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Thailand, Vietnam, Myanmar, and China, unknowingly laying the foundations for the world-famous seed bank, Barneys Farm. 
The early cannabis strains of the 90s bred by Barneys Farm proved so successful on the Dutch coffee shop scene that the seed bank continued to diversify cannabis genetics and release new varieties. 
Cannabis strains like Afghan Hash Plant, Acapulco Gold, and Critical Kush helped Barney Farms establish itself as one of the biggest seed banks in the industry. They took it to another level when they were one of the earliest to the most from legalisation on the West Coast of America and began releasing hybrids bred using US genetics.  
The American influence is clear to see with cannabis strain names like Glookies, Gorilla Zkittlez, Gorilla Glue Auto and Blue Sunset Sherbet.
Famous Barney's Farm Cannabis Seeds
Barney's Farm has many award-winning strains, both classic and modern. Some popular Barney's Farm seeds include Banana Punch, Dos-si-dos 33, Cheese, G13 Haze, and Kush Mintz.  
Growing Barney's Farm
There is something for every grower in Barney's Farm catalogue. From beginner to expert, there is an ideal Barney's cannabis strain for you. You might consider an autoflower, feminised or regular cannabis seed, and Barney's Farm will have that covered. 
Barney's Farm cannabis seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center
Amsterdam Seed Center is proud to be home to a large range of Barney's Farm cannabis seeds. From classic strains to brand-new releases, we are the best place to buy seeds online. If you prefer the personal touch and happen to be local to Dam Square, pop into our physical seedbank and get your Barney's Farm feminised, regular, or autoflowers there. 


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