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ACE SEEDS Ace Seeds is a collective of growers and breeders based in Spain dedicated to learning about and preserving ...
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  1. Auto Malawi x Northern Lights - 5-pack
    Auto Malawi x Northern Lights - 5-pack - Feminised - ACE Seeds
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Ace Seeds is a collective of growers and breeders based in Spain dedicated to learning about and preserving cannabis genetics. In 2005, the group founded a seed company and started distributing cannabis seeds. 
Ace Seeds has gained a name for being a satvia specialist and have worked with genetics ranging from Brazil, Panama, and Mexico to Vietnam, Cambodia, and the Philippines. And for pioneering by offering cannabinoid and terpene analyse of most of its collection. 
By building an extensive library of exceptional cannabis genetics and working with a global family of collectives, including passionate breeders and frontline farmers, Ace Seeds are one of the most trusted seedbanks. 
If you're looking for something special, you might consider Ace Seeds. The Spain-based seed bank only releases innovative hybrid cannabis strains bred from landraces, letting you explore some of the best genetic combinations and exceptional cannabis genetics. 
Famous Ace Seeds Cannabis Seeds
Almost two decades after the founding of Ace Seeds, the seed bank has made a name with several popular strains, including Panama, Purple Haze x Malawi, and Super Malawi Haze. Many of which are available at Amsterdam Seed Center. This famous cannabis seed bank is also known to release a mix of cannabis seeds, known as Tropical Mix or ACE Mix. 
Growing ACESeeds
ACE seeds have a very loyal and experienced base of growers. If you're looking for a cannabis seed rich in landrace cannabis culture, then ACE Seeds genetics are the place to start. Through its global network, ACE seeds have amassed unique and pure cannabis strains for the wider benefit of growers everywhere. 
ACE Seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center
If you're in Europe and are interested in ACE Seeds, Amsterdam Seed Center welcomes you to look through our online ACE Seeds catalogue. 
We are the best seed bank in Amsterdam for ACE Seeds, and you can make your cannabis seeds order online or pop into our physical seed bank close to the famous Dam Square in Amsterdam. 

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