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Karma Genetics Karma Genetics started breeding in 1999 to diversify the cannabis gene pool in the Netherlands at...
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  1. Dog Fruit - 6-pack
    Dog Fruit - 6-pack - Feminised - Karma Genetics
    Out of stock
  2. double-funk-12pack-reg-karma-genetics-amsterdam-seed-center
    Double Funk LTD - 12PACK - Regular - Karma Genetics
  3. HeadBanger - 12PACK
    HeadBanger - 12PACK - Regular - Karma Genetics
    Out of stock
  4. Lemello - 6PACK
    Lemello - 6PACK - Feminised - Karma Genetics
  5. Mango Lassi - 6-pack
    Mango Lassi - 6-pack - Feminised - Karma Genetics
  6. Melon Cheddar - 6-pack
    Melon Cheddar - 6-pack - Feminised - Karma Genetics
  7. Now N Melon - 6-pack
    Now N Melon - 6-pack - Feminised - Karma Genetics
  8. Sherb Biker - 12-pack
    Sherb Biker - 12-pack - Regular - Karma Genetics
  9. Sour Leda - 12-pack
    Sour Leda - 12-pack - Regular - Karma Genetics
  10. Sweets - 12PACK
    Sweets - 12PACK - Regular - Karma Genetics
  11. tha-melon-12pack-regular-karma-genetics-amsterdam-seed-center
    Tha Melon - Regular - Karma Genetics
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Karma Genetics

Karma Genetics started breeding in 1999 to diversify the cannabis gene pool in the Netherlands at the time. After over a decade of experience in the cannabis industry, Karma Genetics made its name in 2008 by winning the IC420 Cup in Amsterdam. Karma Genetics has gained a reputation for some of the best cannabis seeds on the market. They have a loyal supporter base of growers who are happy to provide feedback from their grows.

Famous Karma Genetics Cannabis Seeds

All Karma Genetics cannabis seeds are tested by an established network of growers and testers that provide vital feedback.  As a result, many of their genetic lines are removed from sale each year because they don't meet the high standards that Karma have set for themselves. Some genetic lines to make the grade include the famous Sour Diesel, Biker Kush and Di Frutti.

Growing Karma Genetics

Karma Genetics are for serious growers, and only the best of the best of their cannabis seeds make it to the Karma catalogue. Their cannabis strains may require a little skill and experience to get the most from them, and their cannabis strains will appeal to the connoisseur.

Amsterdam Seed Center

If you're in Europe and want to buy Karma Genetics online, then Amsterdam Seed Center is the perfect place to do it. At the Amsterdam Seed Center we stock plenty of Karma Genetics and have a team of cannabis seed experts ready and willing to help you every step along the way. Either order online or pop into our physical store in Amsterdam.