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Royal Queen Seeds (Company) is one of the most popular cannabis seeds-producers from The Netherlands. They produce high-quality (Feminized) cannabis seeds. RQS is an expert for sure and they have been in this business for a lot of years. Thanks to their extensive knowledge and experiences, they developed a stable seed line with good genetics. The products of Royal Queen Seeds have won several awards at international cannabis competitions. Examples are the Highlife and Hightimes cannabis cups. Amsterdam Seed Center has got a wide range of the phenomenal and award-winning Royal Queen Seeds products.

The benefits of Royal Queen Seeds

It is a conscious choice for us to offer products from Royal Queen Seeds. RQS is not just one of the fastest growing cannabis developers in Europe, with over 20 years of experience they developed a unique genetics line. Growing Royal Queen Seeds cannabis seeds contain a lot of advantages:

  • All different types of seeds are extensively tested. This ensures that they contain reliable and uncontaminated genetics.
  • The cannabis seeds are selected by hand.
  • RQS only provides the most potent species (Haze or white cannabis species)
  • Royal Queen Seeds only uses organic mother plants for the production of seeds. Not only genetic, but also the way of growing is organic.
  • The seeds are tested every day. RQS guarantees you that your cannabis plant will grow.
  • The seeds are vacuum packed. This will ensure the quality of the seeds.

Autoflowering Royal Queen Seeds

Royal Queen Seeds also offers an auto flowering version. These are Indica or Sativa plants mixed with Ruderalis. This cannabis species grows in areas that have a very short summer. Ruderalis automatically grows here for a short period of 2-3 weeks. This species grows in the North of Europe, Russia and border countries as China and Mongolia. What makes this plant unique, is the inner “biological clock” that makes it flower automatically at a certain age, regardless of the photoperiod.By mixing the Ruderalis plant with an Indica plant or a Sativa plant, you will get a fast-growing variant high in THC and a big top.

Medical seeds

Around 5000 years ago, cannabis seeds were used for medical purposes for the first time. A Chinese Botanist gave his clients these as a prescription for malaria, beriberi, constipation, rheumatism, concentration issues and female complaints. Nowadays, medical seeds are grown for people with pains, muscle strains, a bad blood circulation, spasm, chemo, stress, and for sexual and hormonal complaints. Almost every cannabis specie is useful for medical usage.

Feminized Royal Queen Seeds

Actually, the word says it a bit already: feminine. Feminized cannabis seeds are developed to only produce feminine plants. Almost all Royal Queens Seeds’ cannabis seeds are feminized. Feminized seeds are constant and always good. They are great for people who want to grow plants but are not really familiar with it. But what is the difference between ‘regular’ and feminized seeds? ‘’Regular’’ cannabis seed will give you a masculine plant or a feminine plant. These seeds are grown in a regular way. The opposite of regular Royal Queen Seeds are Feminized seeds. These are (easily said) produced by two feminine plants.

Growing feminized cannabis seeds has several great advantages:

  • All plants will (eventually) get a bud.
  • There will be less space wasted on plants which you have to throw away.
  • It takes less time to make sure you will have removed all male plants. You do not have to keep an eye on your plant.
  • Feminized seeds are easier to grow if you are still a non-experienced cannabis plant grower.

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