Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion is one of the first Dutch companies in the seed market. In 1970, Dut...
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  1. auto-duck-dutch-passion
    Auto Duck - Feminised - Dutch Passion

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  2. Blueberry
    Blueberry - Regular - Dutch Passion

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  3. Blueberry
    Blueberry - Feminised - Dutch Passion

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  4. Brainstorm
    Brainstorm - Feminised - Dutch Passion

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  5. C-Vibez
    C-Vibez - Feminised - Dutch Passion

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  6. CBD Kush
    CBD Kush - Feminised - Dutch Passion

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  7. CBG-Force
    CBG-Force - Feminised - Dutch Passion

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Dutch Passion is one of the first Dutch companies in the seed market. In 1970, Dutch Passion started developing Cannabis seeds. But in 1987 they were officially pronounced as seedbank. Throughout the years, the company gained a lot of experience in developing, producing and selling Cannabis seeds. This led to seeds of an incredibly good quality. This is exactly the reason that we have added Dutch Passion seeds to our offerings.  

About Amsterdam Seed Center

Amsterdam Seed Center is one of the most reliable partners in Cannabis seeds. In 2011 the company was founded in Amsterdam. Our goal is to only offer the best Cannabis seeds (and other products, such as vaporizers) of the world. We offer seeds from larger seedbanks (Dutch Passion for example), but we also offer seeds that are developed by smaller and more unknown seedbanks. Now we offer more than 1500 strains, so it will be guaranteed that you will find a strain that matches your wishes. Would you like to receive reliable advice in person? Then you are more than welcome to visit our physical store in Amsterdam. All your questions will be answered, whether it is online or in real-life.

More about Dutch Passion

Dutch Passion Cannabis seeds are produced and selected very carefully. They offer high quality strains at all times and this has not gone unnoticed. Dutch Passion has received multiple Cannabis Cups and some seeds have even become popular worldwide. The strains of Dutch Passion that became a worldwide hit are: White Widow, Blueberry, Skunk 11, Power Plant and Mazar.  A lot of other (smaller) seedbanks use genetics from Dutch Passion seeds to develop new strains.  Dutch Passion’s entire range (that is sold by Amsterdam Seed Center) includes both Regular and Feminized seeds. Besides these two, they also developed autoflowering varieties.

Feminized seeds vs. Regular seeds

Growing feminized seeds is often experienced as easier since you don’t have to recognize and remove male plants. This makes them a very good alternative for those who want to make the growing process easier. Instead of feminized seeds, regular seeds will produce both female and male plants. They are mainly bought by more experienced and traditional enthusiasts, who prefer natural Cannabis seeds. These are unprocessed and pure nature. Besides that, you will need regular seeds to develop new strains. For new strains, you have to cross regular seeds with feminized seeds. The biggest difference between feminized and regular seeds is the sex of the plant, by growing regular seeds you have to pay attention to light duration (if they get enough light) and you’ll have to recognize and split the male plants from the female plants.


Besides feminized and regular seeds, Amsterdam Seed Center also offers you autoflowering strains from the brand ‘Dutch Passion’. The most important characteristic of autoflowering seeds is the growing process. They are going to flower after a certain age. Most of the time, this is within 2-4 weeks They do not rely on light. Autoflowering seeds are from the strain ‘’Ruderalis’’ and are almost resistant to pests, cold and mold. Remarkable about autoflowering plants is their size. They are smaller, which makes them more unnoticeable. Even though this strain does not rely on light, more buds will  grow if it does get enough light.

Buy the high-quality Dutch Passion Cannabis seeds from your reliable partner in seeds now! Amsterdam Seed Center offers you the best seeds!