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Anesia Seeds - Cannabis seeds Anesia Seeds is a seed bank that believes in what it does. After years of research and advanced breeding ...
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  1. Afghanica - 5-pack
    Afghanica - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  2. Anesia Scout Cookies
    Anesia Scout Cookies - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  3. Big Bazooka - 5-pack
    Big Bazooka - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  4. Blackberry Moonrocks - 5-pack
    Blackberry Moonrocks - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  5. Bola Mintz
    Bola Mintz - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  6. Captain Future
    Captain Future - Feminised - Anesia Seeds

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  7. Congo - 5-pack
    Congo - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  8. Future #1
    Future #1 - Feminised - Anesia Seeds

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  9. Future Island - 5-pack
    Future Island - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  10. High Mars - 5-pack
    High Mars - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  11. Imperium X
    Imperium X - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  12. Malawi Gold - 5-pack
    Malawi Gold - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  13. Pure Durban - 5-pack
    Pure Durban - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  14. Purple Boost Highness - 5-pack
    Purple Boost Highness - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  15. Purple Thai - 5-pack
    Purple Thai - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
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  16. Slurricane
    Slurricane - Feminised - Anesia Seeds

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  17. Vanilla Frosting
    Vanilla Frosting - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
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Anesia Seeds - Cannabis seeds

Anesia Seeds is a seed bank that believes in what it does. After years of research and advanced breeding programs, Anesia released cannabis strains that caught the imagination. Over the last few years, Anesia has gained prominence with THC-heavy cannabis strains like Future#1. Anesia goes as far as to claim that Future#1 at the time was the heaviest cannabis strain, with a whopping 28% THC content. Some of their recent releases, such as Apricot Oreoz, have upwards of 35% THC. 
The seed bank has the attention of the cannabis community and is holding it by constantly innovating and making new cannabis strains that surpass levels of THC content previously thought possible. 

Famous Anesia Seeds cannabis strains

The most famous of the Anesia Seeds is probably Future#1. The high-THC cannabis strain has Anesia established itself as one of the most exciting seedbanks or cannabis breeders around. Its cannabis strains are known for being potent, with notable ones such as Oracle Octane, Dankberry, and Captain Future. 

Growing the strains from Anesia Seeds 

There are plenty of Anesia Seeds from which to choose. And each year, the cannabis breeders release new ones. Some of the latest Anesia Seeds you might consider growing include Frozen Black Cherry Auto, Toffee Pudding Auto, and Green Apple Juice Auto. Growing Anesia Seeds might provide a learning curve for novice growers. Those with more experience will help Anesia plants reach their full potential and feel the power of these innovative genetics. 

Anesia Seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center

At Amsterdam Seed Center, we only work with the very best cannabis breeders and seedbanks. And that is why we stock a healthy range of Anesia Seeds. From Autos to pure fire high-thc cannabis strains. We are one of the best places to buy Anesia Seeds, online or in our store, a few minutes from the Royal Palace of Amsterdam. You can get the Anesia cannabis seeds you need.