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Ready to grow? Germination is the initial process before growing, where the seed soaks up water (to soften the shell) and the sprout breaks through the shell to start the growing process with the development of the roots and the stem. 

Start germinating your seeds in 4 easy steps:

1: Soak your seeds

To start root development, soak your seeds in a glass of mineral water, leave for 48-72 hours in a dark and warm place. (22-27 degrees Celsius C)


2: Watch for the taproot

While the seeds are soaking, keep an eye out for the taproots to appear. Once you see the taproots the seeds are ready to plant in your medium.


3: Plant in your medium

Place the seeds with taproot down about 1 inch  deep in your favorite medium. Cover seeds and put a TL-light over your medium. Keep moist but not too wet. Keep warm.


4: Happy Growing!

After 2-3 days you should see the first embryonic leaves grow out your from your medium. Take good care of your seedling. Happy growing!


More grow tips for seedlings

+ Keep the soil moist - Not too wet, not too dry.

+ Keep humidity high - above 60%

+ Keep temperature stable - Not too hot, not too cold.

+ Don’t plant seeds in medium too early/late.

+ Maximum of 1 seed per container.

+ Label your seeds with strain names and grow/flower dates.

+ Use a LED or TL-light at 20 cm distance for the first leaves.

+ Don’t give up on your seeds when they don’t germinate immediately. (Try to scratch them very lightly on a matchbook. This will help the water penetrate the hard shell.)

Good luck and Happy Growing!

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