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 When growing weed, it all starts with buying the right feminised seeds. Amst...
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  1. 1024
    1024 - Feminised - MedicalSeeds

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  2. 2046
    2046 - Feminised - MedicalSeeds

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  3. 8 Ball Kush
    8 Ball Kush - Feminised - Barney's Farm

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  4. Acid
    Acid - Feminised - Paradise Seeds

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  5. Sale
    Afghani #1 - Feminised - Sensi Seeds

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  6. AK-47
    AK-47 - Feminised - Serious Seeds

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  7. Allkush
    Allkush - Feminised - Paradise Seeds

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  8. Amnesia
    Amnesia - Feminised - Super Strains

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  9. Amnesia Kush
    Amnesia Kush - Dinafem

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 When growing weed, it all starts with buying the right feminised seeds. Amsterdam Seed Center only offers you the best quality cannabis seeds from different brands. We do not only sell the most famous brands, but also smaller high-quality brands. We offer a variety of feminised seeds for home cultivation. Feminised seeds are one of the most common seeds on the cannabis market, nowadays. In general, growers like feminised seeds because they are quite easy to grow, and they produce buds that can be used for a good smoke.

What is feminised

Feminised cannabis seeds are seeds that are genetically modified to grow female plants only. This a significant difference with regular seeds. Instead of feminised seeds, regular seeds grow female plants as well as male plants. Feminised seeds only contain female chromosomes (XX). These chromosomes ensure for 99,99% that the seeds will grow feminised plants. Feminised seeds are a good alternative for anyone who wants to make the growth process easier and quicker. With this, you can save space, time and money.

The benefits of growing feminised seeds

Feminised seeds are one of the most popular cannabis seeds on the market. This is not entirely inconceivable, because they offer a lot of benefits.

  • It is a great advantage that feminised seeds will grow female plants for almost 100% sure. They will not grow male plants. This is perfect for those who want to grow female plants only. Feminised plants are the only ones producing buds. This is the part of the plant that people can smoke. That is why female plants are quite popular among commercial growers.
  • Feminised seeds are high in THC, CBD and CBN, if you compare them with regular seeds and plants.
  • Just because these seeds will only grow female plants, you do not have to recognize and split the male plants from the female plants. Many growers find this a difficult and tedious task. Besides this, it will save you a lot of work and time. This is beneficial in case you want to grow much cannabis in a short period of time.
  • Feminised seeds will always grow female plants that are of consistent quality. They will also deliver a generous yield.

Feminised cannabis seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center

Amsterdam Seed Center only offers you the best seeds of the cannabis market. Our feminised seeds are always fresh and kept refrigerated. This is how we are able to offer you seeds of the highest quality possible. Amsterdam Seed Center offers seeds from famous and bigger brands (such as Barneys Farm, Dutch Passion, Greenhouse Seeds, Paradise Seeds, Dinafem and Royal Queen Seeds), but also from smaller and (still) more unknown high-quality brands. Our range consists of more than 1500 different kinds of cannabis seeds. And thanks to that, there will always be a strain that matches your wishes. Do you have questions, or would you like to receive personal advice? Visit our physical store in Amsterdam! This is the place where all your questions about feminized seeds will be answered. Do you not live in The Netherlands or do you prefer staying at home? Contact us per e-mail of phone.

Our 5 most popular feminised seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center

Our feminised cannabis seeds are incredibly popular. Most of our seeds are feminised. We understand that our large collection does not make it easier for you to make a choice. That is why we summed up our 5 most sold feminised seeds for you:

  1. Super lemon haze – Green House
  2. Gelato 33 – Advanced Seeds
  3. Wappa – Paradise Seeds
  4. Crititcal Orange – Dutch Passion
  5. Ciritcal+ 2.0 - Dinafem

Interesting to know

  • Did you know already, that male plants do not grow buds? Instead of buds, they produce pollen.
  • Feminised seeds look exactly the same as normal (regular) cannabis seeds. The difference between the two is in the cell nucleus of the seed. These contain the chromosomes.
  • Do you only want to grow buds? Then choose for feminized seeds. Do you want to grow mother plants and produce new strains/crosses? Choose for regular seeds. The pollen of the male plants pollinates the tops of the female plants. As a result, cannabis seeds are produced on top of the plant. There is a seed in every calyx.
  • Keep feminized seeds (actually all types of seeds) dry in a dark and not too hot (5 to 7 degrees), For example, in the fridge.

Amsterdam Seed Center delivers worldwide, except for Turkey, Norway, Bulgaria and Israel. You receive a track-and-trace code with registered package deliveries and package deliveries sent by FedEx. This is how you can check the delivery status of your feminised seeds.

Buy your feminised seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center. The store that really delivers quality.