Top 6 Dutch Cannabis Seeds
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Top 6 Dutch Cannabis Seeds

What comes to mind when you think of the Netherlands? It could be a constant stream of bikes zipping around, or speaking of streams; maybe it's the glorious Dutch canals. Then again, you might love the Netherlands for its culture and great artists like Van Gogh, Rembrandt or Piet Mondrian. Is it the windmills, the handsome F1 driver or those giant wooden clogs? What about the love of Old Gouda? No, then it's probably the coffee shops. Oh yes, the thing that springs to mind is the coffee shops; of course, it is. However, what about the products in those coffee shops? Cannabis! Well, it all starts with a seed; some of the best are Dutch. 

Slip your wooden clogs on and place a Stroop waffle over a hot beverage. Is that soused herring we smell? We're going Dutch, and we don't mean splitting the bill. Let's keep things above sea level because we're bringing you 6 of the best cannabis seeds from the Netherlands. These are our Top 6 Dutch Cannabis Seeds. 

Double Dutch - Serious Seeds

Depending on where you're from, Double Dutch has different meanings. In Britain, it is an informal gibberish spoken by schoolchildren. In the US, it is a game involving a skipping rope played in schools yards. But in the Netherlands, it is neither a game nor gibberish. Double Dutch is a super potent indica by Serious Seeds . At over 20% THC, it is up there with the best to come out of the Netherlands in recent years. Double Dutch has a delightful fruity wildflower scent and a pleasant aroma; the effect is complex and potent. It will flower in 8-9 weeks and performs well in all growing mediums. 

Jack Herer - Greenhouse Seeds Co

This one is a contender for the most famous Dutch-bred hybrid. Countless seedbanks and breeders have a version of Jack Here, but we've selected the one by Amsterdam Legends Greenhouse Seed Co. Jack Herer has an earthy sweet taste typical of cannabis strains bred in the 90s. It is earthy and skunky, but there is a sweetness to Jack Herer that almost tickles your nostril hairs. Overall, it is well balanced by the scent of refreshing pine. It responds well to all types of training, will flower in 8 weeks and produce yields of up to 800 grams indoors and up to 1200 grams per plant outdoors. 

White Choco - Amsterdam Genetics 

White Choco is possibly one of the most famous coffee shop strains ever. Before The Netherlands was invaded by a wave of US genetics, it was celebrated as the home of cannabis; don't tell the Yanks, but it still is, and strains like White Choco have shown us why. This White Russian x Chocolope cross has a flowering time of 8-9 weeks and is one of the best-selling cannabis seeds of all time, anywhere. You can expect yields of 400-600 grams pm2 indoors and 400 - 500 per plant outdoors. White Choco does the Dutch proud and is a delicious-tasting, enjoyable smoke. 

*We grew it for our strain of the shop; check out our grow report!

Amnesia - Super Strains 

It's easy to forget how good Amnesia is. It has been around for years and has more awards than anyone can remember. It is possibly the most famous strain on this list and worldwide. Amnesia was born in the mid-90s when Super Strains went by Hy-Pro, and it has become the basis for some of the most extraordinary hybrids of the last 20 years. It's unique in taste, smell and effect and remains one of the most robust and resilient hybrids you can grow. Indoors, Amnesia will flower in 70 days and yield up to 600gr pm2 and outdoors, up to 1000 grams per plant of the finest Amnesia you will enjoy indulging in. 

Super Silver Haze - GreenHouse Seeds Co

Super Silver Haze is one of the most famous strains ever created. It has graced the menus of Amsterdam's coffee shops for years and, to this day, remains a much-loved haze. Many seed banks and breeders have bred their version of this hybrid, but this is one of the best. It is a Haze x Skunk #1 x Northern Lights cross with a distinct taste and flavour of spicy herbs and sweet fruit. Thanks to the indica parents, SSH will flower faster than most haze hybrids (65-70 days) but still have plenty of time to develop thick colas covered in crystals. Unlike other Haze plants, SSH won't grow that tall, not getting any taller than a medium-sized plant.

Dutch Kush - Paradise Seeds

Dutch Kush might be the most underrated Kush by one of the most famous Dutch breeders, Paradise Seeds. The Dutch breeding giants have multiple award-winning strains, and somehow, despite winning awards, Dutch Kush has flown under the radar. It is a classic Kush strain with extra superpower and potency. This mostly indica will flower in 8-9 weeks and produce ultra-high yields of prime Dutch Kush with a THC content of >20%. 

Other Dutch Cannabis Seeds 

A few more Dutch strains that could have easily made the list include Hollands Hope by Dutch Passion, a potent and compact Indica suitable for changeable climates with a wet and cold late summer. The fire-breathing Dutch Dragon by Paradise Seeds. Amsterdam Amnesia is a robust Amnesia hybrid from the Dutch Passion or AK-020 by Amsterdam Genetics. Need to be happier than with these Dutch Classics? Use our Seed Finder to find the best cannabis seeds for you. 

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