What are landrace cannabis strains? Landrace cannabis strains are naturally evolving cannabis strains that grow in the wild without human...
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  1. Honduras - 10PACK
    Honduras - 10PACK - Regular - ACE Seeds
  2. Moroccan Beldia Kif - 5PACK
    Moroccan Beldia Kif - 5PACK - Feminised - ACE Seeds
  3. Hashplant S1 - 5PACK
    Hashplant S1 - 5PACK - Feminised - ACE Seeds
  4. Bangi Haze - 5-pack
    Bangi Haze - 5-pack - Feminised - ACE Seeds
  5. Super Malawi Haze - 5PACK
    Super Malawi Haze - 5PACK - ACE Seeds
  6. Nepal Annapurna - 5-pack
    Nepal Annapurna - 5-pack - Regular - ACE Seeds
  7. Pakistan Chitral Kush - 5-pack
    Pakistan Chitral Kush - 5-pack - Feminised - ACE Seeds
  8. Malawi - 5-pack
    Malawi - 5-pack - Feminised - ACE Seeds
  9. Panama - 5-pack
    Panama - 5-pack - Feminised - ACE Seeds
  10. Congo - 5-pack
    Congo - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  11. Copacobana - 5-pack
    Copacobana - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  12. Afghanica - 5-pack
    Afghanica - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  13. Malawi Gold - 5-pack
    Malawi Gold - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  14. Pure Durban - 5-pack
    Pure Durban - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  15. Purple Thai - 5-pack
    Purple Thai - 5-pack - Feminised - Anesia Seeds
  16. Acapulco Gold
    Acapulco Gold - Feminised - Barney's Farm

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  17. Pamir Gold
    Pamir Gold - Feminised - Dutch Passion

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  18. Durban Poison
    Durban Poison - Regular - Dutch Passion

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  19. Durban Poison
    Durban Poison - Feminised - Dutch Passion

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  20. Balkh Hash Plant - 12-pack
    Balkh Hash Plant - 12-pack - Regular - Khalifa Genetics
  21. Kerala Chellakutti - 12-pack
    Kerala Chellakutti - 12-pack - Regular - Khalifa Genetics
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  22. Maharaja Haze - 5-pack
    Maharaja Haze - 5-pack - Feminised - Khalifa Genetics
  23. Moroccan Beldia - 6-pack
    Moroccan Beldia - 6-pack - Feminised - Khalifa Genetics
  24. Afghan Lemon - 6-pack
    Afghan Lemon - 6-pack - Feminised - Khalifa Genetics
  25. afghani-1-feminised-sensi-seeds-amsterdam-seed-center
    Afghani #1 - Feminised - Sensi Seeds

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  26. afghani#1-autoflowering-sensi-seeds
    Afghani #1 Autoflowering - Feminised - Sensi Seeds

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  27. mexican sativa-fem-sensi-seeds
    Mexican Sativa - Feminised - Sensi Seeds

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  28. hindu-kush-auto-fem-sensi-seeds
    Hindu Kush Autoflowering - Feminised - Sensi Seeds

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  29. Mexican Sativa
    Mexican Sativa - Regular - Sensi Seeds

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  30. hindu-kush-regular-10pack-sensi-seeds-amsterdam-seed-center
    Hindu Kush - 10-pack - Regular - Sensi Seeds
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What are landrace cannabis strains?

Landrace cannabis strains are naturally evolving cannabis strains that grow in the wild without human interference. Landrace cannabis strains could be called the genetic backbone of the foundation of modern cannabis strains. Most modern hybrid cannabis strains can trace their heritage back to a landrace, and landrace traits are prevalent in hybrid cannabis strains.

Where do landrace cannabis strains come from?

If you mapped the origin of landrace cannabis strains. You would notice that Sativa landraces evolve close to the equator and that Indica landraces grow in more mountainous regions like the Himalayas.

Many believe the first cannabis landraces originated in central Asia, possibly in the Himalayas. The evidence suggests that wild cannabis was used as herbal medicine by the ancient Chinese and that it later spread to the Indian subcontinent. Nomadic tribes brought cannabis landraces to Europe, and cannabis landraces reached Australia by the 18th century.

Are landraces all the same?

All landraces have distinctive traits which differ depending on where in the world they grow. Each cannabis landrace has a unique terpene profile, and each plant grows under different conditions. Satvias tend to evolve without needing much water. Sativa landraces grow tall and slender in warm climates and rich soil, as opposed to Indicas, which grow short and stout at high altitudes.

How many landraces are there?

There are a few reasons why the number of landraces is unknown. Human interference is the biggest reason why we don't know. Some of the interference has been well-intentioned, and some not.

An increase in well-intentioned breeders using landraces when cultivating new hybrids has led many landraces to lose original traits and develop new ones. Humans are also responsible for deforestation and the loss of an untold number of rare and unique cannabis landraces.

In addition, cannabis is still illegal in most places, making searching for original landraces difficult at best and dangerous at worst. If cannabis was not illegal, we might have historical botanical records for cannabis and know how many landraces there are.

Are landraces better than hybrids?

There isn't a correct answer to that question because choosing any cannabis strain to grow or breed is a personal preference, but there is a divide. Because landraces are low yielding by nature, many question whether it is worth the time and effort to grow them. It is fair to say that the demand for high yields, fast flowering, and high THC cannabis strains has influenced the market. The ratio of hybrids to landraces is only increasing, and getting ahold of a cannabis landrace seems harder than ever.