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Kannabia Seed Company - Cannabis seeds Kannabia Seed Company started in 2010, intending to become the benchmark for the global cannabis...
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  1. Amnesi-K Lemon - 5-pack
    Amnesi-K Lemon - 5-pack - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  2. BCN Diesel CBD - 5-pack
    BCN Diesel CBD - 5-pack - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  3. diesel-glue-5pack-feminised-kannabia
    Diesel Glue - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  4. Indica Cream - 5PACK
    Indica Cream - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  5. kritikal-k-5pack-kannabia-amsterdam-seed-center
    Kritikal K - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  6. la-blanca-kannabia-amsterdam-seed-center
    La Blanca - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  7. La Reina De África - 5PACK
    La Reina De África - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  8. Mataró Blue - 5PACK
    Mataró Blue - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  9. purple-kush-5pack-kannabia
    Purple Kush - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  10. russian-doll-kannabia-amsterdam-seed-center
    Russian Doll - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  11. Sativa Dream - 5-pack
    Sativa Dream - 5-pack - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  12. Super OG Kush
    Super OG Kush - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  13. swiss-dream-cbd-3pack-kannabia-amsterdam-seed-center
    Swiss Dream CBD - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  14. thai-fantasy-kannabia-amsterdam-seed-center
    Thai Fantasy - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
  15. White Domina - 5PACK
    White Domina - 5PACK - Feminised - Kannabia Seeds
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Kannabia Seed Company - Cannabis seeds

Kannabia Seed Company started in 2010, intending to become the benchmark for the global cannabis seed market. Over ten years later, Kannabia is one of the most respected cannabis breeders working. They have over 61 varieties and use 20 different sets of genetics for their breeding work. Kannabia is also known for its strict quality control and a thoroughly developed catalogue of strains tested and adapted for all users. 

Famous Kannabia Seed Company Cannabis Strains

Purple Kush, Russian Doll, and Sativa Dream are three Kannabia strains, among many others, with a famous reputation. Kannabia has also become known for releasing limited-edition US cannabis strains. 

Growing Kannabia Seed Company Seeds 

Kannabia is one of the most accessible seedbanks for new growers, thus a good option for novices. More green-fingered growers will also enjoy Kannabia Seeds. The Kannabia Seeds back catalogue is well-balanced, and there should be something for everyone. 

Kannabia Seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center

At Amsterdam Seed Center, we are home to more than 20 of the best Kannabia Seed Company cannabis seeds. If we don't have what you're looking for, get in touch, and we will help you find what you need. We have over 10 years of working with Kannabia Seed Company, and we are happy to recommend their fantastic genetics.