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Amsterdam Genetics Founded by Mariska, one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the ca...
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    Critical Mass - 10-pack - Regular - Amsterdam Genetics
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Amsterdam Genetics

Founded by Mariska, one of the leading female entrepreneurs in the cannabis industry and owner of the famous Boerejongens coffeeshop. Amsterdam Genetics is a forward-thinking and innovative cannabis seed bank with over 30 years of experience in the cannabis industry. The Amsterdam-based seed bank has a reputation for some of the best quality and most reliable cannabis seeds on the market. 

All Amsterdam Genetics are specially bred to inherit the best of the respective parents and create some of the most stable versions of the best cannabis strains in the world. The results are a perfect blend of modern and classic cannabis strains that growers have come to love. 

Famous cannabis strains 

They are famous for cannabis strains such as White Choco and Blue Amnesia and have a name for fruitier ones like Strawberry Glue, Grapefruit Superstar and many more. They are also one of the only seed banks that produce cannabis seeds in The Netherlands. 

Amsterdam Genetics Brand 

The Amsterdam Genetics brand has become one of the most visible in Amsterdam, with several cafe bars and coffeeshops around the city. The coffeeshops and bars have become famous with tourists and locals for their marble counters, great menus and excellent service. 

Amsterdam Seed Center

Amsterdam Seed is proud to stock a wide range of almost 30 Amsterdam Genetics cannabis seeds online and in-store. We have all their latest strains and many of their most famous. There is something for every grower, new or old, and if you have any questions. Our team of cannabis experts are always happy to guide you along the way when buying cannabis seeds online or if you come to the store.