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Cali Connection cannabis seeds

Cali Connection is a collective of California growers that aims to provide growers with the best cannabis genetics. Also known as The Connection, Cali Connection brings together some of the best Cali growers and breeders. The best of Socal and Norcal joined forces and has released some of the finest cannabis genetics you can buy. Their work is mission-based, and their mission is 'True genetics.'


Cali Connection defines its mission as follows:

"Our goal is to make sure that in every possible way, we provide a seed that is true to the genetics of its mother and or hybrid or cross.”


Famous Cali Connection cannabis strains

The custom cannabis strains of Cali Connection are some of the best-selling cannabis seeds. Some famous Cali Connection strains include Larry OG Kush, LA Cookies, Lemon Tart, and Island Punch. Other notable hybrids from Cali Connection include Mint Milano and Strawberry Tiramisu.


Growing Cali Connection

Cali Connection strains are unique strains bred using complex genetics aimed at more experienced growers. However, you can learn a lot from growing a Cali Connection hybrid, but you should consider carefully and assess your limitations as a grower before you buy Cali Connection.


Cali Connection at Amsterdam Seed Center

We are the best place to buy The Connections genetics. The Amsterdam Seed Center has an extensive range of Cali Connection cannabis seeds, including Sugar Mill (Gold Line), Pre 98 Bubba, Louis XIII, and Passion Berry (Gold Line). 

We are always happy to advise on how to grow them, online or in person. We're a two-minute walk from The Royal Palace of Amsterdam. 

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