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Let's dive into the world of Marmalate, a true champion bred from a lineage of champions. With over 15 cups earned in the last decade, this strain's accolades speak volumes about its remarkable heritage—Critical Mass x Lavender. A union of sativa elegance with indica nuances and vice versa, Marmalate is a testament to the perfect balance that nature can achieve.

Plant Appearance: Vigorous Growth, Stunning Buds

Marmalate's prowess doesn't stop at its awards; its cultivation ease is equally remarkable. Whether you're practicing scrog, utilizing the sea of green technique, or following traditional methods, this strain adapts with grace. Its rapid and robust growth is a marvel to witness, thriving under a variety of pruning methods. Watch for the stretch just before flowering, adding to its captivating allure.

The Taste & Smell: A Symphony of Sweetness and Aromatics

Inhale deeply, and you'll be greeted by a symphony of flavors—sweet notes reminiscent of candy and vanilla, accompanied by the comforting embrace of aromatic wood. The characteristic bluish hue of its buds, adorned with trichomes, is a hallmark of the Marmalate experience. The aroma is equally enchanting, creating a sensory journey that reflects its prestigious lineage.

Effects: Elevating Mind and Body

Marmalate's effects begin with a cerebral spark that soon evolves into a gentle wave of relaxation. This perfect synergy provides therapeutic potential without rendering you immobile. Regular smokers will appreciate its psychoactive subtlety that still allows for productivity and focus. Its balanced effects make Marmalate a versatile choice for both relaxation and creative endeavors.

Growing Characteristics & Yield: A Grower's Dream

With a genotype of 30% sativa and 70% indica, Marmalate matures in around 50 to 55 days indoors, while outdoor cultivation sees fruition in late September. Its versatility shines as it yields up to 500 g/m² indoors and a bountiful +900 g/plant outdoors. Resilience is its forte, with high pest resistance and commendable mold tolerance. This strain showcases the art of cultivation, offering a generous reward to those who nurture it.

Marmalate stands not just as a champion in the cannabis world but as a flavorful masterpiece that continues to delight enthusiasts with its balance of flavors, effects, and cultivation prowess.



More Information
SeedbankDelicious Seeds
VarietyMostly Indica
Type of floweringPhotoperiod
Flowering time (indoors)7-8 weeks
THCVery High THC (over 20%)
CBD contentLow
Plant HeightMedium
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