What if Cannabis Seeds were Travel Destinations?
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What if Cannabis Seeds were Travel Destinations?

As we grind through the damp days and cold nights of European winter, we look forward to the trips we want to take in the coming weeks and months. What makes your dream trip? Ours ideally involves cannabis, but there are not that many places with progressive cannabis laws. So, if a country where we can smoke is off the table, how about one that has inspired a cannabis strain name? Well, many location-inspired strains exist at the Amsterdam Seed Center, but it's not only place names that inspire these cannabis seed names.

Sometimes, the strain takes the name of the place from which it came. Some cannabis varieties have travelled more than David Attenborough, come from some of the most far-flung places globally, and have names that directly tell you where they came from. Such names as Pakistan Chitral Kush and Nepal Annapurna give us an indication of the types of places you'd have to go to find these strains if cannabis pioneers had not already. 

Strap on! Strap in! Strap up! Start dreaming of sunnier climates. Where we are going is warm. Join us as we discover travel-inspired cannabis strains.

Malibu OG Gold 

If life is a beach, Malibu is as good as any place. The beach city in the Santa Monica mountains region of LA is the ideal place to dream of during the winter months. There's plenty of sunshine, and recreational cannabis use is legal in Malibu. So you can get high if you're 21 or older. 

Could you get some Malibu OG Gold by Sensi Seeds? The 60% indica is ready in 45 - 55 days and, once cured, has a complex terpene profile that will delight growers. The effects balance indica and sativa, and it is the ideal daytime smoke. Users will feel motivated but not overwhelmed. 

Despite the quick flowering time, this one will grow tall (200cm+ Outdoors and 120+ Indoors), so you will want to ensure enough headroom. And if you like to snap photos of your plants, this one is a dream. These stunning plants will produce better pictures than any beach landscape you might take next summer. 

Thai Fantasy 

Tropical beaches and cannabis are no longer a fantasy combination. Thailand is the ideal getaway if you want sunshine and cannabis. Recently, reforms have seen Western companies like Green House Seeds set up shop there. But if you can't jet halfway across the world, check out Thai Fantasy by Kannabia Seeds. It is a cross of their only Thai variety and Black Domina.

To get the most from these plants, give them plenty of food. Especially during the flowering stage if you want the flowers to harden. It is a top-quality, stable strain and will be ready after 8 - 9 weeks of flowering. 

Jamaican Dream 

Jamaica is the third largest island in the Caribbean Sea and a place many dream of vacationing. Why wouldn't you want to spend days on some of the most beautiful beaches in the world? It's a shame you will get a fine if you try to light up the reefer, for which the island is famous, but you can bring a bit of Jamacia to your grow tent in the form of Jamaican Dream. This luxury sativa by Eva Seeds has a super fast flowering time (42 days) but doesn't lose anything on yield and quality. The taste is mildly sweet, reminiscent of old-school classic strains, and the smell is lovely, discreet, and ideal if you need to conceal your grow. This sweet satvia has won 1st prize in outdoor categories, among others, and yields 500 g and 1 kg outdoors. This is the Jamaican Dream. 

Hindu Kush

We're off to the Hindu Kush Vally for this next one, and it is more of a working trip than a holiday. We're going to make Hash. There'd be no better place in the world to do it if it wasn't for global conflicts, but the region was once famous for something other than conflict. The Hindu Kush Valley straddles Pakistan, India, and Afghanistan. It is an ancient trade route renowned for once being the hash-making centre of the world. The hippies left long ago, but they took with them some seeds. 

Hindu Kush cannabis seeds by Sensi Seeds come directly from the Hindu Kush valley and are one of the best strains for hash production. This pure indica strain was by High Times as one of the 25 best cannabis strains ever.

Amsterdam Amnesia 

Okay, so the sun only shines in Amsterdam a few months of the year, but it is still a cannabis heaven. Each year, 100's of thousands hit the city's coffeeshops to indulge, sometimes too much, in some of the best weed in the world. Talk about a weekend you'll never remember. Amsterdam Amnesia is a common plight for countless tourists and a top-class sativa by Dutch Passion. This slender satvia produces one of the best Amnesia on the market. It has a 9- 10 weeks bloom and will yield XXL harvest. 

Travel the world at Amsterdam Seed Center. 

Remember, you don't have to travel the world to find the best cannabis seeds. You can use our Seed Finder to search through the best cannabis seeds online. We have seeds from every corner of the earth, from pure sativas and indicas to over 1200 hybrid cannabis seeds. 

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