Six Cannabis Strains with Movie-Inspired Names
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Six Cannabis Strains with Movie-Inspired Names

There's a generation of cannabis breeders that probably spent their weekends trawling the shelves of a Blockbuster or their local video rental store. And now we have more and more cannabis strains with names inspired by popular culture. How we consume the culture has changed; it's no longer kisses on the back row. It's Netflix and Chill, but the excitement of snacks and movies will never change. Get your popcorn ready, and switch your phone to silent.

The Amsterdam Seed Center presentation is about to begin. Drum roll, please. Here are Six Cannabis Seeds with Movie-Inspired Names.

Jack Frost Widow Auto - Monkey Genetics

We assume the team at Monkey Genetics had the Christmas fantasy comedy Jack Frost in mind when naming this one. And not a sombre sequel about a snowman's grieving wife. In the case of the first one, it would warm the cockles of your heart on the coldest winter day. And so will its namesake cannabis strain with its unique blend of tangy, fruity flavours. This Jack Frost won't melt under the heat, though. It will produce high yields of dense buds with a THC content of >20%.

Zombie Kush - Ripper Seeds

Zombie Kush is not the name of Woody Harrelson's secret stoner film, but it should be. It's on the list because there have been a couple of attempts at crossing zombies and stoners. 2005's Pot Zombie mustered only 1 star on IMDB, and its counterpart The Coed and the Zombie Stoner managed 2. There is no danger of a disappointing performance with this one. It will be five stars for this dead head of a cannabis strain, and it comes from a seed bank named after one of the most infamous movie-inspiring figures in history. Can you guess who?

Jack the Ripper - Subcool the Dank

Yes, you cracked the case on this one, unlike the mystery of who was the Victorian serial killer Jack the Ripper. The myth, the man and the legend have inspired more books, characters, films, poems and songs than Jesus. And the cannabis strain is worth singing about, too. This Jack is a potent sativa (70%) hybrid, and unlike its namesake from White Chapel, this one is better greeted at night. And like The Rippers victims the afternoon of their demise, there's no point in making plans if you've encountered Jack from Subcool. The Jack's Cleaner x Space Queen cross will leave your head like a concentration crime scene. If you love Haze cultivars, Jack the Ripper by Subcool the Dank is a hybrid worth investigating.

Kong's Krush - Green House Seeds Co

Of course, King Kong is a massive franchise with countless cartoons, series and movies made about it. But we have the epic (and by epic, we mean long) 2005, King Kong by Peter Jackson in mind. The film goes on long enough for you to germinate a Kong's Krush at the start and watch it get to at least halfway through veg before you see Jackson's name in the credits. This one experiences vigorous growth and big side branches, but this Kong doesn't crush all in its wake. It delivers dense frosty flowers and a narcotic effect ideal for pain management.


Don't say, "Could you come down from that building, darling?"


Do say, "7-8 weeks flowering, high yields and up to 20% THC."

Enemy of the State - Super Strains

Enemy of the State is a classic strain with the same name as the movie starring Will Smith. The 1998 thriller took home over 250 million from the box office, and its cannabis namesake by Dutch seed bank Super Strains has *probably sold even more. In the case of this movie-themed strain, the plant is likely older than the film. The mostly indica Enemy of the State was one of the base plants for the legendary original Amnesia. The plant has a rich history and has enduring popularity.


*Amsterdam Seed Center has no way of verifying that claim

Bruce Banner Auto - Fast Buds Seeds

You will like this one when it's green. Bruce Banner, or the Hulk, is one of the most famous Marvel creations and has spawned movies and spin-offs plenty. The only thing going green with Bruce Banner Auto by Fast Buds is the abundance of ripe flowers. And your friends with envy of how fast you've produced 600 grams of potent green gold. This Fast Buds sativa also has an impressive rate of resin production, ideally suited for commercial extractors and hash makers.

More Cannabis Seeds with Movie-Inspired Names

The list does not end with those cannabis strains above. Here's a quick rundown of some other classic movie-themed cannabis seeds. We have 8-Mile by Loud Seeds and the movie starring Eminem and his sweaty palms and weak knees. The cult figure of Morpheus in the Matrix and the Buddha Seeds version. Though, that is likely to have been named after the sons of Hypnos, the God of Sleep. And it's hard to forget the iconic stoner film Pineapple Express and one of the best-selling Fast Buds seeds of the same name. And lastly, call me Ishmael because we've got Moby Dick by Barneys Farm.

Until next time, happy growing! And to paraphrase 1987's Wall Street, "Weed, for lack of a better word, is good."

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