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Can CBD Cure a Hangover?
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Can CBD Cure a Hangover?

CBD is trending big at the moment. It seems as if, everywhere you turn, you are being told that CBD will cure your latest health complaint(s) and that it comes in so many forms you can even treat your pets to a better quality of life, and you know what… It seems to actually benefit many people as well as animals…; but can CBD cure a hangover? 

CBD is the most abundant non-psychoactive component of cannabis and has a rich history when it comes to being used as a medicinal treatment, but how does it measure up against the unpleasant presence of a stinking hangover?


Can CBD cure a hangover?

For those of you that choose to avoid passing poison through their bodies, for the sake of a good time, let me try to explain the symptoms of a hangover. They can be wide-ranging and vary depending on what you have drunk.

Headaches and muscle aches are two clear signs that you may have overdone it the night before, as is an increased sensitivity to light and sound.  Oh, and don’t forget the potential vomiting and general stomach complaints. So, if you ever find yourself in that situation it could be worth giving CBD a go.

CBD won’t feed and water you; you will have to do that yourself, but it does reduce your sensitivity to pain. So that famous hangover headache, so long as you have enough food and water, will not stop you going about your day in a normal way.


CBD is available to take in many forms. Capsules, e-liquid, gel’s, sprays, creams the list goes on but the most common form to take it in, is oil. Although when taking CBD oil it can be hard to measure the amounts you are taking, it is highly effective. 5 drops held under the tongue for as long as possible is a quick way to get the CBD into your bloodstream (through your saliva) and you can expect to reap the benefits of a dose for 4 to 6 hours.


As mentioned before, Cannabidiol, as it is known reduces sensitivity to pain but what else can CBD do for you?

It has been reported that it has anti-inflammatory effects and is effective at treating headaches and at regulating blood sugar levels. Lest we forget, a university in the USA injected mice with enough alcohol to induce life threating seizures before giving the mice a treatment of CBD gel.

They found that the treatment acted as an anticonvulsant and also protected against liver injury. If the same results are found in human trials it doesn’t mean that we should start binge drinking on a regular basis. It does mean that maybe we should spend some time online CBD shopping.

3 years ago