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25 Frequently Asked Questions + Answer about Cannabis Seeds
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25 Frequently Asked Questions + Answer about Cannabis Seeds

We get asked A LOT of questions about cannabis seeds. To answer most of them, we have created this dedicated cannabis seeds FAQ to give you some info and update your knowledge about cannabis seeds. Please sit down, roll up and attach your eyeballs to this article, because we will answer some questions you didn't even knew you had!

Are cannabis seeds male or female?

Can cannabis seeds go bad?

How long will cannabis seeds last?

Can cannabis seeds germinate in light?

Can cannabis seeds be defected?

Can cannabis seeds survive freezing?

Can cannabis seeds be sexed?

What cannabis seeds should I buy and grow?

When to germinate cannabis seeds (outdoor) ?

Which cannabis seeds are female?

How to check if cannabis seeds are still good?

How to germinate cannabis seeds?

Why cannabis seeds don't germinate?

How long before I can smoke cannabis grown from my seed?

Why are cannabis seeds so expensive?

Are cannabis seeds legal?

Why are there so many different cannabis strains?

What are feminised cannabis seeds?

What are autoflowering cannabis seeds?

What are regular cannabis seeds?

Will white cannabis seeds germinate?

Should I give my cannabis seeds fertilised water?

I found a cannabis seed in my bag of weed, can I grow it?

Are your free promo seeds old/unwanted seeds?

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