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Positronics - Cup winners

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Starting at: $34.98

New and delicious flavour, almost a candy. A winner that won't dissapoint any grower. Her resistance to mold makes her perfect for all growing conditions and climates.


Starting at: $41.22

Mystical trip of meditation and introspection that will take you into a cathedral. Pure incensed flavour settled on the pillars of the earth.


Starting at: $37.48

Our most awarded plant is also a sure shot: deep aroma, sweet flavour, big and fast yield, all in an unique plant. After winning the most important cups in Spain, she'll win a place in your heart and garden.
Jack Diesel

Jack Diesel

Starting at: $44.97

Very particular flavour, with a complex bouquet we will always remember. From two of the most recognized cannabis lineages, comes out this heavy productive sativa, gotta have it.
Purple Haze #1

Purple Haze #1

Starting at: $43.72

Kiss the sky. Dive into a psychodelic timeless experience that will enlighten your mind and creativity. Her complex genetics remain confidential.
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5 Item(s)
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