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The Seedfinder is the best place to find cannabis seeds. Use our Seedfinder tool to find the perfect cannabis seeds you need! We have over 1500 seeds available, so we can imagine that it can be hard to find a cannabis strain that fits all your needs. The seedfinder allows you to select all the variables, from the seed bank and gender to THC content and plant height. 

You might be looking for a classic cannabis strain like Amnesia or Blueberry, a cannabis cup winner like Critical Kush, a modern cannabis hybrid like Gorilla Glue, or a supercharged THC powerhouse such as Future#1. Or are you looking for a Haze, an outdoor strain, or an old-school cheese? No matter what you want, we have them all at the Amsterdam Seed Center. 

Using our guide, you will learn what you need to know to get the best out of our Seed finder and find the cannabis seeds that suit your needs. We will take you through each section so you can filter over 1500 cannabis seeds. 


Selecting a variety to grow can be easier if you already have a preferred seed bank. We stock almost 100 seedbanks and breeders, so having a favoured or recommended breeder can save time. You can also see how many cannabis seeds we have in stock from each breeder. It can be another time saver and a great way to spot something you might not have seen.


Select what kind of gender your plants should have. Do you only want female plants? Choose Feminised cannabis seeds. If you're considering making your own strains, you should choose Regular cannabis seeds. Doing that will give you female and male plants which can be crossbred with other regular cannabis strains. You can also make a mother plant from the female plants that come from regular seeds. These will remain stable for longer when you are making clones. 


Do you like SativaIndica, or hybrid strains? Sativa's have a more uplifting, energizing effect and usually grow tall and narrow. Indica's have a more relaxing, stress relieving, and sleep-inducing effect, and they tend to grow short-medium height with a more bushy structure. Hybrid strains can have both traits, depending on the parent strains.

Type of flowering

Do you want control of when your plants go into flowering? Or do you want the plants' genetics to decide for themselves to go into flowering? Autoflowers cannabis strains will ignore the light cycle and automatically go into flowering 3-4 weeks after germination and stay in flower for about 7-8 weeks before they are ready for harvest. Photoperiodic cannabis strains should be restricted to 12 hours of light before they will flower. You get more control and bigger plants, but it takes a bit longer.

Flowering time (indoors)

Some strains(usually auto-flowering Indica's) are ready for harvest after 7 weeks of flowering. Other cannabis strains (pure sativa) can take up to 12+ weeks of flowering before they are ready to harvest. Choose a cannabis strain with a flowering time that will suit your needs and schedule. Just remember, 'flowering time' does not include the time to germinate and grow the plant to desired height!

THC content

There are strains with mind-boggling super high THC percentages, sometimes over 25% THC. These are for the ultimate space-chasers. Other cannabis strains have a low to mid-high-range THC level, from 5% to 20%. Everybody enjoys their weed differently at different strengths. Find a cannabis strain that will give you the level of highness with which you are comfortable.

CBD content

Do you want a cannabis strain with a low, medium, or high CBD content? If you are looking to medicate yourself with cannabis instead of getting high, you can choose a high CBD strain that fits the way you like to medicate. There are also strains with a 1:1 or 2:1 THC to CBD ratio.


There are strains with average yields, high yields, and ULTRA yields. While everybody wants that ultra yield, sometimes you might have to compromise other factors, like feminization, terpene profiles, THC-CBD levels, desired plant heights, etc. But some strains out there truly have all the most desired traits.

Plant Height

Keep in consideration that all cannabis strains have genetic variations in their sizes. Some cannabis strains (usually indica-dominant) will give super short and bushy plants, while others (usually Sativa-dominant) will produce long, stretched plants with one big main cola. If your grow room is not high, make sure to choose a strain known to be genetically short, or make sure that you put them in flowering fast enough. Hybrid strains can be anywhere in between, so check out the specifications of individual cannabis strains. Some cannabis strains, if you grow and treat them right, can become giant marijuana trees!

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