Grow Report

Purple Punch from Barney's Farm

Grow Report - Purple Punch

On this page you can find a report of what we are growing in our shop. Currently we are growing the Purple Punch from Barney's Farm. Amsterdam Seed Center is one of the few places in Amsterdam which you can actually visit to see and smell cannabis growing. This is our Strain of the Shop and we offer this strain with a generous discount.

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Original strain description
Barney’s Farm continues to bring you awe-inspiring genetics from around the globe with another USA west coast powerhouse of a strain PURPLE PUNCH™.  The delicate fusing of its Indica dominant parents Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple has provided a real tantalising gem. The exquisite smooth sensual tastes of Baked Apple Pie with cloves glazed with caramelised blueberry and cherries blend perfectly with the sedative calming effects that PURPLE PUNCH™ oozes.  Expect a short, stocky plant with numerous astonishing trichomes, high yielding branches just dripping with resin tested at 25% THC.
  1. A photo of a Purple Punch cannabis plant by Barney's Farm.
    Purple Punch - 5PACK

Growtent Setup

Tent Size:

- 60x60 cm


- Extractor fan
- Mini fan


- Pots: 3 x 15 liter
- Soil: Plagron Light Mix


- BAC Nutrients Starter Kit


- Growing: 150w LED light "Jackson" from Grow the Jungle
- Flowering: 250w HPS light

Week 12/13: It is harvest time baby! ✂️

In week 12/13 the Purple Punch is finally ready for harvest!!

The trichomes are 70% milky, 15% amber and 15% clear, that's a sign that your female cannabis plants are for harvest!

There is a very clear distintion of two phenotypes, a purple and a green phenotype. A beautiful sight to behold!

The buds themselves turned out solid as a rock! Very dens buds with a good bag appeal. High calyx to leaf ratio! Which has made trimming these plants rather easy. 

Even the sugar buds on the lower branches turned out loaded with trichomes and a beautiful purple color. 

The smell was not too strong coming from the tent, but it did had some distinct terpenes that are found often in purple buds. Punchy, mildly spicy but overall good smelling. 

The Purple Punch grow report has come to an end.

Only thing left now to do is a taste test and of course a guess-the-weight contest! 

80 cm
30 cm from HPS lamp
12 hours light

Week 11: They look ready, but are they?

In week 11 the Purple Punch flowers are developing to their final form!

Very few new pistils forming and most pistils are turning brown. The calyxus are swolling up and the flowers that they form together are spiraling, which gives an amazing look and great bag-appeal! 

Finally some purple action also! Not as much as you might expect from a strain called Purple Punch, but things will surely still change in the next following days.

Harvest is not too far away anymore, we checked the trichomes with a microscope and they are all starting to get milky/amberish. Which of course is a sign that the important cannabiniods are being produced that the plants are reaching their full potential. 

Flushing has begon and they are getting nothing but water, as much as they need in this phase.

This is one of the last weeks of this grow, so be quick and get Purple Punch seeds now with 20% off until harvest!

80 cm
30 cm from HPS lamp
12 hours light

Week 10: Looking good, but not ready

In week 10 the size of the Purple Punch flowers keeps growing in size!

Not as much new pistils anymore like a few weeks ago, but the calyxes are developing steadily. We can also see a lot more brown pistils, these might indicate that the plant is ready, but you have to look at the trichomes to see if harvesttime is near or not. In this case not.

Still no signs of purple.. Still on auto-pilot; watering and monitoring. 

We gave them about 1700 ml of water per plant this week. Gonna start flushing these ladies soon. 

80 cm
30 cm from HPS lamp
12 hours light

Week 9: Thicker flowers, more calyxes

In week 9 the size of the Purple Punch flowers have almost doubled! Still not purple though.. Pistils are still shooting out like crazy, which means many more calyxes are being formed. We can see some brown pistils too, these are the calyxes that are ripening. A lot more trichoms visible as well. Suger leafs are getting frosty!

The smell is starting to get very pungy. A hash like smell. Still measuring in at about 77 cm = no more lateral growth. Only the buds getting taller.  These flowering ladies are very thirsty though. They are loving there nutrient water. Still on auto-pilot; watering and monitoring. 

We gave them about 1700 ml of water per plant this week.

77 cm
30 cm from HPS lamp
12 hours light

Week 8: Flowers are growing faster

In week 8 the fast growth in height of the Purple Punch cannabis plants has slowed down, but on the other hand the development of the flowers is accelerating. The flowers are getting there forms and sizes, getting ready for the last month of this grow! A lot of trichomes now visible also on the sugar leafs. Now waiting for the calyxus to fully form and thicken up so these buds will get nice and dense. Measuring in at about 77 cm, the stretching has clearly stopped if you check the speed of growth over the weeks. Still on auto-pilot; watering and monitoring. 

We gave them about 1600 ml of water per plant this week.

77 cm
30 cm from HPS lamp
12 hours light

Week 7: Flowers are intensifying!

In week 7 the Purple Punch flowers that are being produced are getting bigger! Lots of pistils and fast growth, typical signs of flowering cannabis plants! We are still creating the best configuration with the net to allow as many bud sites as possible to receive direct light. The plants are taller than 70 cm now but due to us training and bending the branches, it might look a bit lower. The next couple week will be kinda auto-pilot; watering and monitoring. 

We gave them about 1400 ml of water per plant this week.

72 cm
35 cm from HPS lamp
12 hours light

Week 6: First signs of flowering!

In week 6 these Purple Punch ladies are showing their first signs of flowering! You can see that a cannabis plant is starting to flower by the small white hairs (pistils) that grow out from all sides all over the plants. Now measuring in at around 65 cm. Might look a bit shorter in person because we have put up a trellis/net to train these plants. We want to create as much buds as possible and with this technique, it is possible to do so. By dividing the bud-growth sites over the grow area and available light, we will get the most out of every light beam coming of our 250 watt HPS light bulb. We will be training this plant more as they develop in to maturity during this flowering phase.  We also moved the light a bit closer so the leafs can absorb more. 

We gave them about 1400 ml of water per plant this week.

65 cm
35 cm from HPS lamp
12 hours light

Week 5: Growing steadily!

In the fifth week of this Purple Punch grow the plants keep growing! Now measuring in at around 55 cm. The canopy has even out and the ladies are orking on their 16-18th internode. We decided not to top this time because there are enough shoots growing to fill the tent. Still waiting for the first signs of flowering, but we expect these signs to be revealed very quickly! 

We gave them about 1200 ml of water per plant this week.

55 cm
50 cm from HPS lamp
12 hours light

Week 4: Doubled in size again, time to flower!

In the end of the fourth week of growing the Purple Punch plants have doubled in size again! they are now measuring in at around 40 cm. The smaller one in the corner was raised to make the canopy even. Working hard on the 13-14th internode. And we just changed the hours from 18 to 12. Let the flowering begin!! We switched the light to an HPS 250 watt for the flowering and will be putting a net/trellis to train the plants pretty soon.

We gave them about 1000 ml of water per plant this week.

40 cm
60 cm from HPS lamp
12 hours light

Week 3: The growth is gaining speed!

To our surprise, the Purple Punch plants have suddenly started to speed up their growth. Compared to last week they have almost doubled in size! Now measuring in at 15-16 cm. Their development is clearly visible and the plant structure is forming. While they're working hard on the 9th-10th internode, the sidebranches are now also growing in size. All in all looking pretty good so far. As you can see on the pictures one of the 3 is clearly behind in growth. We will have to raise this pot so the canopy evens out. That way the plants all receive the same amount of light at the same distance. If the plant does'nt catch one we will either discard it or top the other 2 plants. 

We gave them about 800ml of water per plant this week. 

15 cm
50 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 2: Slowly but steady.. 

In the second week the Purple Punch plants have suffered some slight burn. This might have been caused by the LED grow light which were hanging too close to the seedlings. We raised the LED grow light and luckily they are now recovering very well. These little plants are working hard on their 5th internode. Notice how beautifully symmetric the plants are growing when they sprout from seed.

We gave them about 800ml of water per plant this week. 

8 cm
50 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 1: Freshly Germinated

Just sprouted from cannabis seeds few days ago in our grow tent. Welcome Purple Punch! 

For our germination we use a method that we always recommend: Water germination. It's really easy. More information on how to germinate here, but it's basically just 4 simple steps:

  1. Soak your seeds in water
  2. Watch for the taproot
  3. Plant your seed in a medium
  4. Happy growing!

Our seeds took about 3-4 days to go from germination to the pictures below. 

We gave them about 300-400ml of water per plant this week. They do not need any nutrients at this point. In fact, feeding nutrients to these seeds will likely burn them! Be careful when feeding young seedlings.

4 cm
40 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

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