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Orangu Tangie from Monkey Genetics

Grow Report - Orangu Tangie

On this page you can find a report of what we are growing in our shop. Currently we are growing the Orangu Tangie from Monkey Genetics. Amsterdam Seed Center is one of the few places in Amsterdam which you can actually visit to see and smell cannabis growing. This is our Strain of the Shop and we offer this strain with a generous discount.

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Original strain description

Orangu Tangie is a tall plant that produces rich buds coated with trichomes. This strain is rated medium-to-difficult to grow, according to experienced cultivators. It flowers in about 63-70 days, producing sicky flowers with green leaves. You can grow it both indoors and outdoors in warm climatic conditions.

When referring to the scents that Orangu Tangie omits, the name of it says it all. A sweet, citrusy tangerine aroma, believed to have been inherited from Skunk #1, is a sure bet for a happy smoke. Its flavour is not disappointing. It is tasty and characterized by a delicious, tropically sweet, citrus and orange mix flavor. Because of the great taste, it is too easy to keep going back and overindulging in this sativa dream.

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Growtent Setup

Tent Size:

- 60x60 cm


- Extractor fan
- Mini fan


- Pots: 3 x 15 liter
- Soil: Plagron Light Mix


- BAC Nutrients Starter Kit


- Growing: 150w LED light "Jackson" from Grow the Jungle

Week 11: The grand Finale

Plant's Appearance:

As we reached the grand finale of our Orangu Tangie journey, the plants are nothing short of a visual spectacle. Their vibrant green foliage contrasted with fiery orange pistils and a blanket of trichomes gives them an almost surreal glow. These ladies have become the queens of our garden, adorned with thicc, resin-laden buds that shimmer in the grow room's light.

Plant Development:

The development of these beauties has been a sight to behold. From the early days of vegetative growth, they've transitioned into the flowering stage, and boy, did they flourish! The flowers on our Orangu Tangie plants have swelled to impressive sizes, forming dense, cola-like structures that promise a bountiful harvest. The leaves have taken on a darker shade, providing a striking backdrop for the explosion of citrusy colors.


Ah, the aroma! It's the crescendo of this entire journey. The moment you step into our grow room, you're greeted with an explosion of pungent, zesty fragrances. The scent is an intricate blend of fresh oranges, tangy lemons, and a hint of tropical citrus that tickles the senses. It's like standing in the middle of a bustling fruit market, and every breath you take is a tantalizing invitation to experience something extraordinary.

Final Conclusion:

This Orangu Tangie grow has been an absolute delight from start to finish. The plants have exhibited remarkable resilience, adapting to various environmental conditions with ease. Flowering took a swift eight weeks, and the results speak for themselves. The dense, resin-coated buds are a testament to the genetic prowess of Monkey Genetics.

Our team can hardly contain their excitement as we prepare for the taste test that lies ahead. We anticipate a flavorful journey, with every toke delivering the essence of freshly peeled citrus fruits. It's been an unforgettable cultivation experience, and we can't wait to share our smoke report with you. Until next time, happy growing, and may your gardens be as bountiful as our Orangu Tangie adventure!

60-70 cm
20 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 10

The plants have taken on an almost surrealistic quality, like a canvas painted with resin-laden brushstrokes. Their branches are laden with an abundance of buds, each one looking like a mini work of art.

We've been in the flowering phase for about 6-7 weeks now, and this strain continues to impress. The calyx production is off the charts. These little pods of joy are swelling with trichomes, promising a bountiful harvest. The buds are truly something to behold; they're tight, compact, and oh-so-thick. It's like Mother Nature decided to pack as much punch as possible into these green nuggets. The form of the buds is taking shape, resembling miniature citrus grenades ready to explode with flavor.

One of the most exhilarating aspects of this journey is the aroma. It's pungent, bordering on intoxicating. As you step into the shop, you're immediately greeted by an explosion of scents. The dominant notes are unmistakably zesty, with strong hints of orange and lemon. The tanginess in the air is almost palpable. It's as if a citrus grove and an orchard of tangy fruits decided to have a party right in our garden. The complexity of these citrusy fragrances is a true testament to the genetic artistry behind Orangu Tangie.

60-70 cm
20 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 9

Standing sturdy, their vibrant presence fills the grow space with undeniable allure. Their leaves glisten with health, showcasing deep green hues that contrast against the emerging flowers. The plants' vitality is captivating, promising a bountiful reward for our efforts.

As the weeks have passed, the Orangu Tangie plants have undergone remarkable growth. A plethora of pistils has burst forth in the previous weeks, dotting the branches like stars in the night sky. This stage has witnessed the unfolding of the calyxes, each one a testament to the plant's intricate development.

The air is alive with an intoxicating symphony of scents as the Orangu Tangie flowers continue to evolve. Aromatic waves of zestiness, tanginess, and citrus dance harmoniously, infusing the surroundings with their refreshing aroma. Hints of juicy orange, tangy lemon, and subtle undertones of sweetness intertwine, creating an olfactory experience that's as invigorating as a summer breeze. The fragrant promise of these blossoms sets the stage for an exceptional sensory journey.

Week 9 with our Orangu Tangie companions has been a journey of dedication and wonder. The flowers' captivating aroma hints at the splendid flavors that await us in the weeks to come. 

60-70 cm
20 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 8

Entering week 8 of the grow journey with Orangu Tangie from Monkey Genetics has been a true delight for the eyes. These plants have flourished into a lush and vibrant display of greenery, standing tall at an impressive 60-70cm. The canopy's lushness is a testament to their healthy development, with leaves reaching out energetically to the light source.

As the weeks progress, the development of the Orangu Tangie plants has been awe-inspiring. The plants are now adorned with an abundance of pistils. The calyxes are gradually taking shape, promising a bountiful harvest in the near future.

The aromatic journey of the Orangu Tangie is becoming more pronounced as they continue to mature. The air around the grow space carries hints of citrus and tangy sweetness, a signature feature of the strain's genetics. 

The plants' appearance and development, promise of a rewarding harvest that looms closer, marked by the emergence of trichomes and the transformation of calyxes. 

With each passing day, these plants reveal the extraordinary journey from seed to blooming beauty.


60-70 cm
20 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 6

These magnificent plants have reached new heights, standing tall at an impressive 50cm. The lush and vibrant green foliage has us utterly captivated as we witness their vigorous growth. It's safe to say that all our efforts are paying off, and we couldn't be more excited for what lies ahead.

This week, we decided to employ the strategic art of topping to ensure an even canopy throughout the tent. The plants now boast a beautifully bushy structure. Each specimen is a testament to the expert care and passion we pour into their cultivation.

As we transitioned the plants into the flowering phase, we can already sense the anticipation of the magic that is about to unfold. With every passing day, we eagerly await the abundant growth and pistil production that is bound to grace our garden. 

50 cm
20 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 4

At this stage, our Orangu Tangie plants have reached an impressive height of 30-35cm, displaying their robust and vigorous nature. The lush green foliage is a testament to their health and vitality. They have been diligently working on their 8th and 9th internodes, showing strong internodal spacing and ensuring ample room for budding sites to develop.

To ensure optimal light penetration and even distribution of energy throughout the tent, we are about to employ a crucial technique: topping. By gently removing the apical meristem, we will encourage lateral growth, resulting in a more balanced and uniform canopy. This technique is essential for maximizing light exposure to lower branches and promoting an even bud development.

As our Orangu Tangie plants have achieved the desired growth and development during the vegetative stage, we are eagerly preparing for the flowering phase. This is a critical turning point in the cultivation process, where the plants shift their focus from foliage growth to the production of bountiful and resinous flowers. Get ready to witness the magical transformation!

We are thrilled to report that our grow journey with the Orangu Tangie strain from Monkey Genetics has been nothing short of a success so far. The plants are flourishing, displaying robust health, and exhibiting a lush green canopy. All indicators point towards a promising future filled with aromatic buds and generous yields. With proper care and attention, we anticipate a rewarding harvest in the weeks to come.

As we enter the next phase of our cultivation journey, let us remain attentive to the specific needs of our Orangu Tangie plants during the flowering stage. 

30-35 cm
20 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 3

Week 3 of our Orangu Tangie grow has brought noticeable progress. The plants have flourished in size, reaching an impressive height of approximately 15cm. They are currently working on their 5th or 6th internode, showcasing a robust and healthy development.

The Orangu Tangie plants are thriving with their lush green foliage, exuding a vibrant energy in the grow space. The leaves are vibrant and full, reflecting the excellent health of the plants. The overall appearance is a testament to the care and attention they have received.

The plants are responding positively to their environment, demonstrating strong growth and vigor. They are showing great promise, setting the stage for a successful cultivation journey ahead.

As we continue to monitor their progress, we eagerly anticipate the upcoming stages of growth and the bountiful rewards that the Orangu Tangie strain has to offer.

15 cm
20 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 2

Week 2 of our Orangu Tangie grow journey has been off to a promising start. The seedlings are showing excellent progress, with the majority displaying healthy and robust growth. However, one of the four seedlings is exhibiting remarkable speed, surpassing its counterparts in terms of development.

Overall, the seedlings are thriving, exhibiting vibrant green leaves and sturdy stems, a clear sign of their health and prosperity. We have been diligently providing them with optimal care, ensuring they receive adequate light, water, and nutrients to support their growth.

At this stage, it is important to continue monitoring each plant's progress closely, observing any unique characteristics or growth patterns. By doing so, we can tailor our cultivation practices to accommodate the individual needs of each plant, maximizing their potential.

As we move forward in this journey, we anticipate witnessing the remarkable transformation of our Orangu Tangie seedlings into robust and productive cannabis plants.

9-10 cm
25 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 1: Germination and Sprouting

Exciting times are ahead as we kick off our grow journal for the magnificent Orangu Tangie strain from Monkey Genetics! This week marked the beginning of our journey as we carefully germinated the seeds and witnessed all four of them successfully sprouting.

It's fascinating to observe that while three of the seeds are progressing steadily, one of them seems to be taking the lead, showing remarkable growth at this early stage. This difference in growth rates has piqued our curiosity, and we can't wait to see how these unique genetics will unfold during the rest of the grow.

With their vibrant green leaves and sturdy stems, these seedlings hold the promise of a spectacular grow ahead. We are already envisioning the bountiful harvest and the deliciously citrusy aromas that will fill our grow space.

Stay tuned as we document the progress of our Orangu Tangie plants and explore the wonders that Monkey Genetics has in store for us. It's going to be an incredible journey of growth, discovery, and perhaps even a few surprises along the way!

3-4 cm
25 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

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