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Autoflowering seeds possibly originated from two strains of cannabis (a Russian ruderalis and a Mexican sativa), or at least this is what is thought to be the case. These hybrid plants automatically switch from the vegetative state to the flowering state without the requirements of natural unmodified cannabis plants.

Dark and light ratio of Autoflowering seeds

Autoflowering seeds do not need the ratio of dark and light of the photoperiod dependent strains. Many Autoflowering seeds will be ready to harvest within 10 weeks from seed stage, this brings with it many advantages to the ‘grower’. The seeds are able to be grown in a variety of climates (‘indoor’ and ‘outdoor’), without the requirements and difficulties presented with the growing of regular strains. They can also produce multiple harvests from the same seeds within the same season. There are however some disadvantages, but these are disputable. Some growers believe that Autoflowering seeds do not produce the same quality level of medicine as regular seeds, as well as the carcinogenicity of the yield.

Growing your first own crop using Autoflowering seeds

If you’re growing your own crop, or even your first, using Autoflowering seeds could make your initial learning process that much easier due to the ease of growing presented by these seeds. With a quick turn around on initial seed to harvest autoflowering seeds give you the best opportunity for a successful and relatively easy initial yield.

Order Autoflowering seeds

Ordering your seeds from the Amsterdam Seed Center gives you not only the best seed you can get for your money, but also an insight into the best practice when it comes to growing and cultivating your crop. Whether it is in small or even larger quantities. The Amsterdam Seed Center also gives you the opportunity to speak with experts on how to cultivate your crop in the most effective way, giving you advice on the best ‘growing conditions’, ‘fertilisation’, ‘plant feed’, ‘soil management’ and ‘lighting or heat conditions’.

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  1. Feminised (247)
  2. Regular (12)
  1. Pure Indica (16)
  2. Mostly Indica (101)
  3. Mostly Sativa (49)
  4. Hybrid (40/60 - 60/40) (80)
Type of flowering
  1. Photoperiod (22)
  2. Autoflowering (253)
Flowering time (indoors)
  1. 6-7 weeks (165)
  2. 7-8 weeks (27)
  3. 8-9 weeks (24)
  4. 9-10 weeks (13)
  5. 10+ weeks (23)
  1. Very Low (0,2 - 5%) (2)
  2. Low THC (5-10%) (20)
  3. Medium THC(10-15%) (102)
  4. High THC(15-20%) (110)
  5. Very High THC (over 20%) (20)
  6. Unknown (32)
CBD Content
  1. Low (224)
  2. Medium (67)
  3. High (16)
  1. Average (158)
  2. High (87)
  3. Ultra (3)
Plant Height
  1. Medium (139)
  2. Short (150)
  3. Tall (4)
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