Amnesia Haze - 5PACK - Femminizzati - Amsterdam Genetics

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Amnesia Haze is a brand-new addition to Amsterdam Genetics’ range of strains.

A top-favourite in the coffee shops of Amsterdam, this potent sativa-dominant hybrid has a fresh herbal aroma with hints of citrus.

Thanks to a THC content up to 25% of THC she delivers a powerful psychedelic head buzz and makes a fabulous daytime smoke!

Amnesia Haze. Due to its parental species’ delicately balanced genetics, this is a highly psychedelic hybrid that is still regarded as one of Amsterdam’s most favoured strains!

The flavour and aroma contained in this renowned strain are widely known: fresh and herbal, carrying undertones of citrus.

This sativa-dominant hybrid is bound to yield large, heavy buds in a 10- to 12-week timeframe; each one bristling with an unreal quantity of glistening THC crystals. This lady is definitely worth the wait: there are precious few other strains that will give you a comparable mental high. This makes the final product a delight for all your senses!

The genetics contained in this Amnesia Haze have been dominating the cannabis scene for thirty years now, and they have obviously been doing so for a reason. Its exceedingly strong high and unparalleled taste sensations make this strain a bestseller to this very day.

Suited for medicinal use by people suffering from stress, anxiety, and sleeping disorders.

Maggiori Informazioni
Seedbank Amsterdam Genetics
Sesso Femminizzati
Varietà Principalmente Sativa
Tipo di fioritura Fotoperiodo
Tempo di fioritura (indoors) 10+ settimane
THC Content Very High THC (over 20%)
Contenuto del CBD Low
Cedere Grande
Plant Height Tall
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