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Green Manalishi X White Choco


This is an easy-to-grow, high quality cannabis variant with self-flowing ability.

These seeds develop into strong stable plants with extreme resin production, amazing taste and extraordinary results.

The intervention of this beautiful Ruderalis has taking nothing away from the taste and effect, and still provides the unique sweet yet spicy chocolate taste and intense body buzz of the mother White Choco.

Partly due to its high fungal resistance, this strain is very resistant to cold and humid nights.

This strain can be medically used by people suffering from stress, eating and sleep disorders.

Plus d’information
SeedbankAmsterdam Genetics
TypeHybride (40/60 - 60/40)
Type de floraisonAutofleurrissante
Temps de floraison (intérieur)7-8 semaines
Contenu THCHaute (15-20%)
Contenu du CBDBas
Taille de la planteBas
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