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  1. Aladdin's Skunk - 12-pack
    Aladdin's Skunk - 12-pack - Régulière - Khalifa Genetics
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  2. Persian Prince - 12-pack
    Persian Prince - 12-pack - Régulière - Khalifa Genetics
  3. Desert Skunk - 6-pack
    Desert Skunk - 6-pack - Féminisée - Khalifa Genetics
  4. Afghan Lemon - 6-pack
    Afghan Lemon - 6-pack - Féminisée - Khalifa Genetics
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  5. Persian Prince - 6-pack
    Persian Prince - 6-pack - Féminisée - Khalifa Genetics
  6. Moroccan Beldia - 6-pack
    Moroccan Beldia - 6-pack - Féminisée - Khalifa Genetics
  7. Maharaja Haze - 5-pack
    Maharaja Haze - 5-pack - Féminisée - Khalifa Genetics
  8. Kerala Chellakutti - 12-pack
    Kerala Chellakutti - 12-pack - Régulière - Khalifa Genetics
  9. Balkh Hash Plant - 12-pack
    Balkh Hash Plant - 12-pack - Régulière - Khalifa Genetics
  10. Siberian Ruderalis Auto - 12-pack
    Siberian Ruderalis Auto - 12-pack - Régulière - Khalifa Genetics
  11. 80’s Durban Poison - 12-pack
    80’s Durban Poison - 12-pack - Régulière - Khalifa Genetics
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  12. Lao Highland - 12-pack
    Lao Highland - 12-pack - Régulière - Khalifa Genetics
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  13. Sheberghan Hash Plant - 12-pack
    Sheberghan Hash Plant - 12-pack - Régulière - Khalifa Genetics
  14. Frosty's Purple Freak - 6-pack
    Frosty's Purple Freak - 6-pack - Féminisée - Khalifa Genetics
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About Khalifa Genetics Cannabis Seeds

Khalifa Genetics is a small group of highly skilled and passionate cannabis breeders that work with F1s, IBLs, and rare landrace cannabis strains. They have one of the finest collections of F1s and work with cannabis genetics from all over the world. Khalifa only releases outstanding cannabis strains, staying true to the heritage of the cannabis plant by working with Landraces and IBLS. 

Famous Strains

Khalifa Genetics is not the type of seed bank or breeder that releases hundreds of unstable cannabis strains to the market. They don't have many cannabis seeds, but the ones they do have are outstanding cannabis strains and incredibly rare. Some of the most famous cannabis seeds from Khalifa include Balkh Hash Plant, the legendary Afghani cultivar famous for producing world-class hashish. Then there is Afghan Lemon, a highly stabilized version of Balkh that produces even nicer hashish. They also have genetics from other old-school quality breeders like Super Sativa Seed Club, with Desert Skunk, a cross of a 1980s Skunk#1 from SSSC, and a Khalifa Moroccan Beldia. A fast flowering sativa perfect for outdoors.

Khalifa Genetics: Landrace, IBL, and F1 Cannabis Seeds

Khalifa is not interested in modern poly hybrids and unstable strains with confusing names. With landraces from Afghanistan, Morocco, the borders of Laos/Myanmar/Chinaand The Ural region in their collection, Khalifa works with some of the rarest cannabis strains in the world. In some cases, the landraces used are from a genetic line that is thousands of years old, and in others, they have bred some of the truest F1s around. For those reasons, they only release a small number of cannabis strains and choose from a selection of highly worked plants.

Growing Khalifa Genetics

These might not be for you if you're a first-time grower or still in the novice stages. However, there is always something to learn when growing cannabis seeds. Just don't expect the massive yields advertised by more mainstream cannabis brands. Khalifa Genetics is for the breeders and the obsessive growers out there. They only work with rare and quality genetics and have just as many regular cannabis seeds in the collection as feminized ones.

Khalifa Genetics is perfect if you're looking to breed your own cannabis strains or to find that unique cannabis plant.

Khalifa Genetics at Amsterdam Seed Center

Khalifa Genetics cannabis seeds are 100% organic and bred for organic gardening; they will still perform well in a conventional garden, but for the best flavour and effects, cultivate them in an organic garden.

Super-fast and Discreet shipping. Fresh and Refrigerated Cannabis Seeds

We keep our seeds fresh and store them in the refrigerator to maintain their maximum potency. We will ship out your Khalifa Genetics order discreetly as soon as the payment is received. Place your order today at your favourite seed bank: Amsterdam Seed Center.

Visit our seed bank: Amsterdam Seed Center.

We believe that it is important to provide honest and correct information. We can advise you about seeds, CBD products, vaporizers and other smart-shop products. Any questions? Our knowledgeable staff is there to help you choose the perfect strain or CBD products for your needs. Drop by our store close to Royal Palace on the famous Dam Square.

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