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Retrieving one of the varieties of our gene pool, we present the Blue hell in his autofloreciente version.

Bluehell is a cross of our private selection of original Blueberry DJ Short crusade for Auto Medical Rudelaris to make it autofloreciente.

Blue Hell is a very productive plant, powerful and has great taste properties.It is quick and easy cultivation. We offset production of thick bud and grow resin throughout the entire plant.

Plant easy to grow, especially suitable for novice growers, for off-season crops or intensive crops. Ideal for early crops in northern climates and winter crops in warm climates.

Its effect is relaxing-narcotic but moderate, feature that makes it a good ally for the day. Its flavor and aroma takes us to the Blue Hell, with clear hints of berries that clearly resemble the original Blueberry.

In conclusion this new Blue Auto hell is ideal for those looking for a suitable production for novice growers for more experts. Blue hell is known and recognized worldwide as one of the best varieties of the Blue family.

Limited edition.

Plus d’information
TypeLa plupart Indica
Type de floraisonAutofleurrissante
Temps de floraison (intérieur)10+ semaines
Contenu THCMoyenne (10-15%)
Contenu du CBDBas
Taille de la planteMoyenne
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