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Cannabiogen Feminised Seeds - Vente de Graine de Cannabis. Livré rapidement

The CannaBioGen collection: more than twenty years of travelling around the world in search of the holy grail, from the mountains of Jamaica and Colombia in the new world, to Pakistan, India and Thailand.

Meticulous selections from more than a hundred varieties and years of seed evaluations have culminated in magnificent specimens which provide us with a sublime range. Most varieties are traditional native crops from around the world with unique genetics which should be preserved. The best Dutch genetics have also been taken into account and hybrids of exquisite quality have been created so as to bring together the best in the world.

As a general rule, the following cultivation parameters are recommended: A pH of 6.2 in biological substrates is the most appropriate. The optimum pH in hydroponics is 5.8 and an EC of 1.2 to 1.8 Ms/cm2. The recommended relative humidity is 50% to 60%, and may be slightly higher during the growing season. A constant temperature of 22ºC to 26ºC is recommended for a high production of cannabinoids.

At CannaBioGen, we select the seeds one by one, testing the germination of the batches every three months. Most failures are due to the decay of the embryo by bacteria and fungi in the culture media and excess water. The seeds should be germinated in sterile media and substrates. The seeds should be treated with fungicide, and failing that, sterile water should be used. The temperature must be between 21ºC to 24ºC preferably. The plants are overmatured in order to obtain a harvest of seeds under the best conditions, and the remaining plant matter is destroyed. CannaBioGen is the first seed bank to set an expiry date on the seeds. If the seeds have germination problems, the batch is checked and the seeds are replaced by others.


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