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This is an easy to grow plan and all the grow techniques can be used for this strain: scrog, sog, soil, hydro and coco.

This is sweet medicine- a real body effect while relaxing the mind.

"We started by making a selection from a gifted private stock of Strawbanana Cream from Karma Genetics. Once we found the most perfect male with all the characteristics we desired we chose to cross it with our Goji Glue from our master breeder. 

This gives you some amazing lineage- yielding a healthy and sweet strawberry creamy taste coming from the male and adding to it the potency and high resin producer mix from the Goji Glue mother."

Plus d’information
Seedbank T.H.Seeds
Sexe Féminisée
Type Hybride (40/60 - 60/40)
Type de floraison Photopériode
Temps de floraison (intérieur) 8-9 semaines
Contenu THC Haute (15-20%)
Contenu du CBD Bas
Rendement Grand
Taille de la plante Bas
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