Bulk Smash Autoflowering - 5PACK - Féminisée - Dr. Krippling

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If you're ready to go from wanna-be to smashing success, Bulk Smash Auto will make it happen! This super-easy, heat-tolerant, humidity surviving automatic seed gets the job done so fast you literally won't have time to screw it up. Inside, they'll do you right in just 7 weeks from seed. Outside, depending on time of year, it'll be 6-10 weeks. Short by any standard!

Bulk Smash Auto has everything a great autoflowering seed needs! These brilliant beans have Blue Kripple'spower paired with the Incredible Bulk Smash Auto's extreme speed & massive yields. We'd say it was a marriage made in heaven, but in Dr Krippling's super secret lab, it's more like a science experiment gone really, really right!

  • Blue Smash Auto Finish Time - 7 Weeks Total!
  • Yields: Up to 750 gr/m2 Inside, 800 gr/seed Outside
  • Heat & Humidity Tolerant - Strong & Hardy
  • A Great Choice for Beginners or Pros!
Plus d’information
Seedbank Dr. Krippling
Sexe Féminisée
Type Hybride (40/60 - 60/40)
Type de floraison Autofleurrissante
Temps de floraison (intérieur) 6-7 semaines
Contenu THC Haute (15-20%)
Contenu du CBD Bas
Rendement Grand
Taille de la plante Moyenne
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Bulk Smash Autoflowering - 5PACK

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