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With this crossing we were looking for a plant easy to grow, short flowering and very sweet taste. 

Both indoors and outdoors Some Sweet does not usually give many problems, which makes it a good candidate for novice growers.

Indoor likes all farming systems. It is recommended tutorarla, because sometimes the buds weigh more than enduring the branches.

I enjoy watching most outdoor hot dry climates that is where usually shows peak performance.

Structurally Some Sweet is a stabilized plant, but its color may range between phenotypes from dark green to purple / purple.

Aromas and flavors will be a delight for the most discerning palate it has fruity notes of grapefruit, berries and papaya. Its effect is rather narcotic-relaxant, quite durable and not very cerebral.

Another very good feature for nighttime use is that it has no effect "hangover" or "heaviness" the next morning, so it is a good choice for insomnia or the like.

In summary Some Sweet is highly recommended for those looking for a very distinctive flavor, a relaxing effect lasting plant. It is very suitable for growers of all levels strain. Limited edition.


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SorteZum größten Teil Indica
Art der BlütePhotoperiode
Blütezeit (drinnen)7-8 Wochen
THC-GehaltHoch (15-20%)
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