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Do you like weed, but you are unsure of how this will be accepted in public? For a...
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  1. Crafty & Mighty water adapter
    Crafty & Mighty water adapter

    Desde 17,50 €

  2. Crafty wear & tear set
    Crafty wear & tear set
    24,90 €
  3. Venta
    CRAFTY+ (plus) Vaporizer - By Storz & Bickel
    CRAFTY+ (plus) Vaporizer - By Storz & Bickel
    Precio especial 279,00 € Precio habitual 298,00 €
  4. DaVinci - IQ2
    DaVinci - IQ2
    299,00 €
    No está disponible
  5. davinci-miqro-device
    DaVinci MIQRO

    Desde 150,00 €

  6. FireFly 2
    FireFly 2
    369,00 €
  7. Firefly Vaporizer
    Firefly Vaporizer
    Tan bajo como 279,00 €
  8. Flowermate Aura Black
    Flowermate Aura Black
    79,00 €
  9. Linx Eden
    Linx Eden

    Desde 99,95 €

    No está disponible
  10. Linx Eden Onyx
    Linx Eden Onyx
    99,95 €
    No está disponible
  11. Linx Ember Vaporizer
    Linx Ember Vaporizer
    39,00 €
  12. Linx Hypnos Zero
    Linx Hypnos Zero
    79,95 €
  13. Venta
    MIGHTY Vaporizer - By Storz & Bickel
    MIGHTY Vaporizer - By Storz & Bickel
    Precio especial 299,00 € Precio habitual 348,00 €
  14. Mighty wear & tear set
    Mighty wear & tear set
    27,90 €
  15. pax2-3pack-screens
    9,99 €
  16. pax2-charging-kit
    27,99 €
    No está disponible
  17. Pax 2 Vaporizer
    Pax 2 Vaporizer
    149,00 €
  18. Pax 2/3 Mini Charger
    Pax 2/3 Mini Charger
    24,50 €
    No está disponible
  19. Pax 3 - Basic Kit
    Pax 3 - Basic Kit

    Desde 199,99 €

  20. Pax 3 - Complete Kit
    Pax 3 - Complete Kit

    Desde 249,99 €

  21. phenopen-amsterdam-seed-center

    Desde 98,00 €

  22. PhenoPen CBD Cartridges
    PhenoPen CBD Cartridges

    Desde 35,00 €

  23. Puffco Peak Vaporizer
    Puffco Peak Vaporizer
    349,00 €
    No está disponible
  24. Puffco Plus
    Puffco Plus
    99,00 €
    No está disponible
  25. VapCap 'M'
    VapCap 'M'
    59,95 €
    No está disponible
  26. VapCap 'M' 2020
    VapCap 'M' 2020
    75,00 €
  27. Volcano Hybrid
    Volcano Hybrid
    598,00 €
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37 artículos

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Do you like weed, but you are unsure of how this will be accepted in public? For all the benefits of a good hit, without the supposed negatives that follow, you should consider trying out a vaporizer. It gives you the ability to subtly toke in public without the scent giving you away. All the pro’s of smoking without the drawbacks of unwanted attention. At Amsterdam Seed Center, we have a wide range of products to help you in your quest for personal and private imbibing of cannabis.


Vaporizing, as the term is known, is the process of heating dried cannabis just below its combustion point (usually around 375ºF). These have gained popularity in the last 5-10 years, especially so as the benefits of vaporization have come to light.

Benefits of vaporizing

The use of cannabis in a proper manner has many health benefits, many of the known problems and health risks associated with potentially harmful smoke can be avoided if the cannabis is only heated to the point where the cannabinoids are released without destroying the product. This is the main benefit of using a vaporizer which only bakes the herbs contained within.

Whether you are a first-time buyer or a connoisseur, we have something to placate your needs. Using a cannabis vaporizer is a unique experience for all of those that try it, and as such when it comes to choosing the best for your needs it is imperative to research carefully and invest in a quality unit. The experts at the Amsterdam Seed Center can provide advice and the correct guidance not only in choosing the necessary equipment, but also instruct you on how to use a vaporizer to its full effect. So if you are unsure about the best steps to take moving forward, or about buying a desktop vaporizer or a portable vaporizer, feel free to contact us.