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Monkey Genetics at Amsterdam Seed Center Monkey Genetics is a new partnership between bo...
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  1. Monkey Haze
    Monkey Haze - Feminizadas - Monkey Genetics


  2. G13 x Dawg Haze
    G13 x Dawg Haze - Feminizadas - Monkey Genetics


  3. Funky Monkey Sour
    Funky Monkey Sour - Feminizadas - Monkey Genetics


  4. Venta
    Orangu Tangie
    Orangu Tangie - Feminizadas - Monkey Genetics



  5. Blue Lagoon Haze
    Blue Lagoon Haze - Feminizadas - Monkey Genetics


  6. Banana Boogie Split
    Banana Boogie Split - Feminizadas - Monkey Genetics


  7. Lemon Skunk
    Lemon Skunk - Feminizadas - Monkey Genetics


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Monkey Genetics at Amsterdam Seed Center

Monkey Genetics is a new partnership between botany experts and cannabis professionals. Based in Amsterdam and with over 40 years of collective knowledge and expertise, Monkey Genetics has newly developed strains characterized by a high cannabinoid content, a generous yield, a complex flavour, and a rich terpene profile. This seed bank should have something for everyone. From part-time hobbyist to full-time professional, Monkey Genetics is for all.

After extensive testing and research, Monkey Genetics have a collection of specific new cannabis strains that will conquer their place in the market and delight growers alike. All the cannabis strains are top quality and reasonably priced.

Monkey Genetics Cannabis Seeds

Although a new seed bank, Monkey Genetics is building an extensive collection of cannabis seeds. Notable strains include the two sativa-dominants Banana Split and Orange Sherbet Auto and the indica-dominant Monkey Cheese. There is the impressive Dawg Haze, a three-way cross of Chemdawg, G13, and a specially selected Haze. And Blue Haze, a four-way cross using the same Haze from Dawg Haze, Blue OX, a Trainwreck, and G13. Plus many more top-quality cannabis hybrids. Monkey Genetics work with classic cannabis genetics in the best way to potentially create some of the finest cannabis seeds to buy online. 

At Amsterdam Seed Center, we will always be the first to get our hands on the latest Monkey Genetics and will keep you informed of any new releases.

Growing Monkey Genetics

Growing Monkey Genetics is straightforward enough for everyone to try because they only work with the best genetics. There is something for all tastes in the selection and some of the best strains for novice growers. Each cannabis strain might differ in feeding amounts and flowering time, but they will all be robust, pest resistant, and contain a high level of THC. Professional and wholesale growers might consider Monkey Genetics because their hybrids are ideal for plant training and extending the veg period to get a larger yield.

Monkey Genetics Cannabis Seeds at Amsterdam Seed Center

Amsterdam Seed Center is the no.1 place to buy Monkey Genetics cannabis seeds online or in-store. We stock the full range of cannabis seeds and will always be the first place for new Monkey Genetics cannabis seeds. Whether you want a sativa dominant to get you thinking, a fast flowering auto because you're short on time, or an indica to blow your socks off, Monkey Genetics has some of the freshest cannabis hybrids on the market. Get yours from Amsterdam Seed Center.