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Lemon Orange from Green House Seeds

Grow Report - Lemon Orange

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Original strain description

The Lemon and Orange is the combination of our biggest classic; the Super Lemon Haze and our selection of Clementine from Crockett’s family farm. Two of the top citrusy plants that, when combined together gave an amazing results of fresh lemon to oranges with a light earthy background. A beautiful plant and smoke for citrus and sativa lovers.  

  1. Close-up photo of Lemon Orange by Greenhouse Seed Company. Available at The Amsterdam Seed Center.
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Growtent Setup

Tent Size:

- 60x60 cm


- Extractor fan
- Mini fan


- Pots: 3 x 15 liter
- Soil: Plagron Light Mix


- BAC Nutrients Starter Kit


- Growing: 150w LED light "Jackson" from Grow the Jungle
- Flowering: 250w HPS light

Week 11: Harvest!! 

Harvest has finally come!!
Words can not describe the flavours and aromas that are coming from these buds.
So terpy, lemony and gassy! We did not imagine this strain to turn out to be this good. 
They are covered in trichomes, just glistening when we shine the light on them. 
The buds are solid and dense like a rock, some displaying a purple glow. We are not able to squeeze them , they are that hard!
Of course a smoke test is coming up, but first we have to dry and cure these buds.
54 cm
30 cm from LED lamp
12 hours light

Week 10: Looking delicious!! 

Look at all that sugar!! Crazy trichome development in week 10 of the Lemon Orange grow.
After 6 weeks of flowering, the calyxes keep swelling up more and more, giving these buds an amazing structure. 
So dense... you can hardly squeeze the top colas..
About a week or two left to go, and then it's harvest time.. get these seeds now with a nice discount!!
54 cm
30 cm from LED lamp
12 hours light

Week 9: Plants looking & smelling good, but WARNING!

The only place in Amsterdam where you can watch and smell real cannabis plants, and we know they look and smell delicious!! BUT JUST DON'T TOUCH!!!! If we catch you stealing, there will be some serious issues..!!
Other than a stolen nugget, the plants are looking great in week 9 of the grow.
After about 5 weeks of flowering the plants are looking really good, calyxes are swelling and developing nicely, they are filling up the buds.
A lot of trichomes appearing on the sugar leaves and calyxes. Also a lot of pistil production still so that means these buds are about to get thicker and thicker. Couple of weeks to go left in flower!
The smell is really amazing, lemony and spicy terps are very clearly noticable in these buds!
54 cm
30 cm from LED lamp
12 hours light

Week 8: It's getting frosty!

There are still a lot of pistils being produced, but we can see the calyxes following already. 

Now in week 8 of the grow, week 4 of flowering, the plants are still measuring in at around 54 cm. No more vertical growth!

The smell is really, REALLY, potent already. Sweet and Lemony. 

We're about halfway flowering these girls. Let's see them swell up to their full potential..

54 cm
30 cm from LED lamp
12 hours light

Week 7: More and more pistils!! (white hairs)

The plants are now flowering since 3 weeks. The pistil production has increased significantly. This will continue for another 1-2 weeks and then the calyxes will start to swell up. 

Now in week 7 of the grow, the plants are measuring at around 54 cm.

The biggest stretch is already out of the plant. Also due to us flowering with the LED light instead of HPS this grow. This helps to keep the internodes shorter. 

The trellis/net really helped to spread the plants out for a nice and even canopy. 

54 cm
30 cm from LED lamp
12 hours light

Week 6: Flowering stage has begun!..

We switched the plants 2 weeks ago and they are showing all signs of flowering; increased grow rate and pistil production. 

Now in week 6 of the grow, the plants are measuring at around 48 cm. They have made quite a stretch as predicted.

We also put up a trellis/net to be able to spread and develop the canopy a bit more even.

Well distributed light is key in succesfull indoor grows. 

48 cm
30 cm from LED lamp
12 hours light

Week 4: Fully in vegetative stage..

Due to us attending Mary Jane in Berlin, we did not get a record for week 3. But as you can see, they didn't stop growing!

Now in week 4 of the grow, they are measuring in at around 34 cm, these girls are fully in vegetative stage. 

We just topped them, so they will start to get a more bushy profile. 

We also put the plants on a 12/12 light schedule, this means that the first signs of flowering will soon be visible on the plants. 

We expect quite a stretch from these plants in the next few weeks. 

34 cm
30 cm from LED lamp
12 hours light

Week 2: Little Seedlings..

The germinated seeds were placed in the soil afther they sprouted their taproot. They have been growing steadily and vigorously to their current state. Work hard on their first true 5-finger leaves. 

6 cm
45 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

Week 1: Just germinated..

We just germinated the Lemon Orange seeds. This process is very easy and can be done by just placing the seeds in a glass of room temperature water, and place this glass in a dark place. The seeds will sprout after 24-48 hours. 

0 cm
45 cm from LED lamp
18 hours light

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