AK Kush Express- 5-pack - Feminizadas - Kalashnikov Seeds


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Kalshnikov Seeds have produced a feminized and quick growing plant to satisfy the most demanding indica loving gardener. AK Kush Express has some Russian mystery blend in its lineage that is expressed as extra girth in the nuggets. Visible trichomes coat every surface of the flower structure. Leaves, calyxes and pistils.

Mysto genotypes from the land of the sickle and star are successfully tweaking all time favourites into new and impressive strains. AK Kush Express by Kalashnikov Seeds is an all around indica, stout in build and broad of leaf. It will distinguish itself in a mixed grow room as something new and exciting. Under shucked to perfection this strain will produce clubs of branch twisting buds smothered in visible trichomes. Except for the autumn shaded sugar leaves this resin rich plant doesn't really require trimming. Abundant glands filled with beneficial oils completely carpet secondary flower leaves.

Feminized and fast this strain bulges in the final few weeks of flowering and the clusters become solid to the touch. Swollen to translucency the calyxes are jammed together and sparkle under the jewellers loupe. Prolific resin production makes AK Kush Express a truly resilient plant. It is never troubled by pests or molds and can be grown outdoors with excellent results in eastern and northern Europe. The 50 - 60 day flowering time means those shorter summers are no problem. At 80 - 100cm when finished AK Kush is an ideal strain for the indoor indica lover. Your grow space will smell splendidly of a tangy citrus sorbet when these massive flowers are ready.

Unique CBD genetics makes AK Kush Express perform well when prescribed for chronic pain, nerve tremens and migraine. The impressive 20% THC is appreciated by patient and recreational fan alike. Crystallization is so dense on cured nuggets they look like they might shatter if dropped. Bright orange hairs wither when aged and add their resin to the bounty. Novices will appreciate how easy this plant is to grow. Very pleasing yields over a kilo outdoors and 600g per square metre indoors are possible. Don't let the massive buds fool you into harvesting early. Patience will get you so much more resin and a lesson in just how big cannabis flowers can get.

Más Información
SeedbankKalashnikov Seeds
VariedadMayormente Indica
Tipo de floraciónFotoperíodo
Tiempo de floración (interior)7-8 semanas
Contenido de THCHigh THC (15-20%)
Contenido del CBDBajo
Altura de la plantaBajo
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