Shipping costs
You can choose between two options:
- regular mail (€ 2,50)
- registered mail within Europe  € 9,50 ( guaranteed delivery)

We advice you to choose registered mail. In this case you will have proof that we have actually send the parcel to you. The registration number of the parcel is used to trace a parcel in case it gets lost, which happens rarely.

We will send seeds in the whole of Europe. Some countries outside Europe are excluded. We do not send seeds to the USA. Please contact us by email in case of doubt, to check if we will send seeds to your country. Amsterdam Seed Center reserves the right to refuse shipments abroad without notification of reason.
During the ordering process you can type in the delivery address. If you wish this can be another address then the invoice address.
After payment is received, you will receive an email that your your order will be shipped to you. In Europe it takes a few days by post to deliver. Outside Europe, it may take a bit longer, depending on the postal service in your country.

Your order will be sent in a discrete envelope. Senders name is ASC B.V. If you prefer to have the seeds send differently, let us know.

Guaranteed delivery
We guarantee delivery only on orders within Europe that have been send with registered mail. If a parcel gets lost, Amsterdam Seed Center will replace the parcel.

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