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This highly potent, deeply flavourful diesel sativa variety has been bred to have bright lime green buds that are densely packed with crystal.  

Great for concentrates and extracts, this spicy-citrus strain is also super psychoactive.

Where most Diesel varieties can be longer finishing and taller plants, the BCN Diesel has been bred with the Black Domina to shorten both height and flowering time, and grow a heavy yield of compact buds.

BCN Diesel is total dream for any grower that wants the Diesel flavour and effect but with a shorter plant and life cycle.

Weitere Informationen
SeedbankKannabia Seeds
SorteZum größten Teil Sativa
Art der BlütePhotoperiode
Blütezeit (drinnen)10+ Wochen
THC-GehaltSehr hoch (20% +)
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