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Original Diesel x OG Kush(sfv)

"KnightsBridge OG 2013 3rd Prize Indica Seed company Cannabis Cup Winner coming straight from the heart of London(U.K). 

KnightsBridge OG is a very pungent cross with Musky Gasoline Kushy Fuel stench that lingers for days.

The luminous lime green buds covered with crystal,  oozing with a heavy duty resin production that will leave your fingers sticky like superglue. Her unique flavour of Diesel Fuel with a twist of OG Kush will give your tongue an extreme sensation.

This high yielder grows to medium height hat lean towards the Original Diesel Mother and other Phenos may lean towards the OG Kush(sfv) shorter structure. Expect a long-lasting knockout high.."

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SeedbankLady Sativa Genetics
SorteZum größten Teil Indica
Art der BlütePhotoperiode
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