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A genetic selection hailing from across the ocean.

This is the result of a cross between our only Thai variety in our mother room and Black Domina, resulting in an incredible eruption of flavours and smells.

The plant has a Sativa effect but with marked Índica-type behaviour. The Thai tendency to longer flowering periods was reduced to 8-9 weeks thanks to the legacy of Black Domina in the cross, which also added stability and quality.

An electrifying high to start, growing heavy at the end, owing to this variety’s fine balance between Índica and Sativa.

For optimal growing, the plant needs good feeding right from the beginning of its life cycle but particularly during flowering, ensuring that buds harden properly and don´t stay spongy.

Maggiori Informazioni
SeedbankKannabia Seeds
VarietàPrincipalmente Sativa
Tipo di fiorituraFotoperiodo
Tempo di fioritura (indoors)8-9 settimane
Contenuto di THCHigh THC (15-20%)
Contenuto del CBDBasso
Altezza della piantaAlto
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