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Maximize your Autoflower Grow
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Maximize your Autoflower Grow


Why autoflowers?
Autoflowering cannabis plants have become popular for a number of reasons. Growers who are looking to save time have found the quick flowering time of autoflowers to be useful for obvious reasons. Due to the ruderails gene present in auto's, most auto's will harvest within 60 -75 days of germination, the plant
will grow much faster and ultimately flower faster than feminized and regular plants.

Autoflowering cannabis seeds are still a quite new thing, having appeared on the market in the last few years. Their relative youth, however, has not stopped them from taking a sizeable market share away from feminized seeds and the more traditional regular seeds. Because of consistent breeding and the emergence of breeders focusing on breeding autos' only, each generation of autoflower has got bigger, better, and tastier than the one before it.

With that in mind and with a fridge load of Autoflowering cannabis seeds from the best breeders out there to sell, with no more further or do, here are you top tips for growing Autos':


1. One pot until they stop

Unless you pop your seeds directly in to the soil to germinate, you should see a 1cm tale before placing the seedling into its final pot. Autoflowers' do not like to be re-potted and, though they will take root, re-potting wastes precious time when cultivating autos' so keep your autos' in one pot until they are ready for harvest.

2. Let them grow and then top them

One of the positives when growing autos is that the plant does most of the work for you. Let your plant grow for 21 days or until it has developed its 5th internode. At that point get in and top your autoflowers.Depending on the method you are using to grow your autos', topping them will help utilise your grow space and increase your yield.

3. Let them rest

Plants are alive and topping them will cause them stress. Autos' are known to handle stress, but it is vital that you allow your autos' some time (10 -14) to recuperate from topping to help make the most from your harvest.

4. Training

Once your plants have recuperated it is time to train and manipulate them to your needs. At this stage of growth you want to be getting as much light on to your canopy as possible. A good way of doing this is by tying branches down and to begin using defoliation as a way to manage to the canopy and promote growth of the lower branches. Continue to train and defoliate a few leaves every few days but only a few; if you take too many you may cause to shock the plant. At the point you start seeing pistils and preflowers, you know your work is done and it is time to sit back and watch the fruits of your labour literally grow before your eyes.


5. Feeding

For the first four weeks of growth Auto's don't need a lot of food so apply it sparingly but as soon as they enter the flowering period you will need to up the nutrient levels. Growers have found it harder to find the feeding sweet spot for auto-flowering plants but a good rule is to feed them little and often. There is still time to plant autos', as they are incredibly versatile and capable of growing in some of the most northern climates in the world. Amsterdam Seed Center is fully stocked with a vast range of autoflowering varieties from some of the best and most exciting breeders in the business.

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