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Critical Express - Gefeminiseerd - Positronics

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Critical Express - Feminised - 3 pack
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Critical Express - Feminised - 5 pack
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Our automatic version of the winner critical mass features all the caracteristics that made it famous: smell, flavour, big crop... AT LEAST! Autoflowerings of great size and effect.

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Critical Express - Details

Our most award winning strain in cups is CRITICAL#47. After a long way of hard work and many testings, we crossed the mother used in it with our Low ryder II to get a stable automatic strain. As a result, a big automatic plant with great aroma and a taste not easy to find amongst the automatic strains nowadays.

The main feature of this plant, apart from its strength growing, is to reach a big size with a little internodal distance. Besides it develops many side branches that will give more flowers. These flowers are big and thick just like the widely known critical mass.

AROMA: Mainly citrical. Energic and expressive notes that will surprise everyone.
FLAVOUR: Fruity flavour, clean bouquet, long lasting and a mouth dryer.
TASTE: Strong physical and mind relaxation. For those moments when you want to run from the “express” of life.

Extra Informatie

Zaadbank Positronics
Geslacht Gefeminiseerd
Soort Pure Indica
Bloei type Autoflowering
Bloeitijd (binnen) 6-7 weken
THC Gehalte Middel (10-15%)
CBD Gehalte Laag
Opbrengst Gemiddeld
Plant hoogte Laag

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