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Afghan Express - Gefeminiseerd - Positronics

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Afghan Express - Feminised - 3 pack
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Afghan Express - Feminised - 5 pack
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Her origins rooted in the middle east give this plant big size and strength, amazing for an autoflowering.Taste of afghan hash, if you want a fast crop ride this magic carpet for an Arabian nights experience.

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Afghan Express - Details

Afghan Express, is a 3rd generation autoflowering strain developed to astonish everybody with her power. Our afghani parental was an old Wernard clon, selected for its great THC/CBD ratio. We hibridated it with our best ruderallis and the descent was self crossed for generations to get a stable automatic strain of a big size and high cannabinoids percentage.

Typical afghan plant structure: strong and with many long branches, fat leafs of a dark green colour. The buds are of a big size and completely covered with resin, will amaze any grower. You can make an automatic monster out of this plant. If you sow in may, will fully develop making growers doubt wether it’s really an autoflowering strain.

AROMA: Strong smell like afghan hash. Touches of moss and coffee.
TASTE: Tastes like the best afghan, with complex notes of honey and leather.
EFFECT: Pleasurant and relaxing, enjoy this trip to the middle east.

Extra Informatie

Zaadbank Positronics
Geslacht Gefeminiseerd
Soort Mostly Indica
Bloei type Autoflowering
Bloeitijd (binnen) 6-7 weken
THC Gehalte Middel (10-15%)
CBD Gehalte Laag
Opbrengst Gemiddeld
Plant hoogte Laag

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