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Hippie Killer - Feminised - 5 pack
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The Hippie Killer is Very potent, and very quick plant.

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Hippie Killer - Details

Hippie Killer Feminized Marijuana Seeds from the Seedism Seedbank in Amsterdam, with vast experience from the Cannabis College this seedbank offers some extraordinary pot varieties. Using contacts throughout the cannabis community this collective gathers some of the finest female marijuana seeds available and offers them to the growing, cannabis seeds collectors market. These female cannabis seeds are the fruits of many marijuana breeders labours, literally from around the world

As a male we have selected our LovePotion1.1, this particular male combines its strong lemony goodness with its strong Sativa dominant high and made it possible to breed for these phenotypes. The strain most suited as female turned out to be a Brazilian Indica, maintaining the high yields from the LovePotion together with hints of lemon.

The Brazilian Indica has also been used to make many of the white strains like the infamous White Widow, one of the strongest strains ever made. This means that there was also huge potential for increased THC and CBD levels with this hybrid which will be noticeable when consumed.

The Hippie Killer is Very potent, and very quick. You won’t have to wait too long for that first wave of effects to arrive, starting instantly with a gentle slap in the face when first the THC reaches its target. Soon your eyelids get heavier and a feeling of overwhelming calmness comforts you like a very large but very soft pillow. This of course is the moment when the ever so important CBD starts making its first move, relaxing your body with no chance for any physical resistance.

Extra Informatie

Zaadbank Seedism
Geslacht Gefeminiseerd
Soort Hybrid (40/60 - 60/40)
Bloei type Fotoperiode
Bloeitijd (binnen) 7-8 weken
THC Gehalte Onbekend
CBD Gehalte Laag
Opbrengst Gemiddeld
Plant hoogte Middelhoog

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