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Paradise Seeds CBD - CBD Cannabis Zaden

Here you have a collection of the finest cannabis genetics from Paradise Seeds, available for you to choose from. Ever since we started growing cannabis from the early 1980's on, we have selected the best genetics which resulted in a solid strain base.

Working with the most potent, aromatic and tasty plants has led to the creation of the powerful and highly valued connoisseur strains we offer today.

This is the CBD section of Paradise Seeds.

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  1. Gefeminiseerd (2)
  1. Pure Indica (1)
  2. Hybrid (40/60 - 60/40) (1)
Bloei type
  1. Fotoperiode (2)
Bloeitijd (binnen)
  1. 7-8 weken (1)
  2. 8-9 weken (1)
THC Gehalte
  1. Laag (5-10%) (2)
CBD Gehalte
  1. Hoog (2)
  1. Hoog (2)
Plant hoogte
  1. Middelhoog (2)
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