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Lady Sativa Genetics Seeds

Lady Sativa Genetics is a collective of European growers who are based in Amsterdam, Netherlands. L.S.G has many years of knowledgeable and experience. Breeder Jah Hoover, a renowned breeder from the U.K has been crossing his favourite cannabis strains and documenting them online for many years. Because of high demand for seeds, he decided to create a collective of leading growers from U.K and Europe who shared the same passionate about cannabis. In 2013 L.S.G entered the 26th High Times Cannabis Cup for the 1st time ever with their Knightsbridge O.G and won 3rd prize Indica and this trend has continued with over 9 cup wins. LSG focus on making premium regular seeds and Amsterdam Seed Center has these cup winning strains from Amsterdam available for sale on our website.

Lady Sativa Genetics

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