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Strain Hunters - Semi di Cannabis Femminizzati

The Strain Hunters Seed Bank was launched in 2013 and consists of a collection of the planets finest feminised Hybrids, Autoflower, Landraces and regular cannabis seeds. The Seed Bank is also a library of of exotic cannabis genetics collected by Arjan, Franco and Simon during their Strain Hunters Expeditions around the world. The ultimate goal of Strain Hunters Seed Bank is preserve and protect landraces for future generations. At the same time, the seed bank sells what the Strain Hunters consider the best of the best cannabis seeds in the world.

Strain Hunters

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  1. Femminizzati (8)
  1. Principalmente Indica (3)
  2. Ibrido (40/60 - 60/40) (5)
Tipo di fioritura
  1. Fotoperiodo (8)
Tempo di fioritura (indoors)
  1. 8-9 settimane (7)
  2. 9-10 settimane (1)
THC Content
  1. High THC (15-20%) (2)
  2. Very High THC (over 20%) (6)
CBD Content
  1. Low (8)
Plant Height
  1. Medium (7)
  2. Short (1)
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