Strain of the Month - Lemon Zkittle

If you love all things lemon, get ready to pick your jaw off the ground. This months strain of the month is brought to you via Amsterdam Seed Center courtesy of giants of the breeding game, Dutch Passion and it is tantalisingly tasty.

Ready for germination this month is the supremely popular, supremely lemony Lemon Zkittle. Start drooling now as the breeder claims this recently crowned Highlife Champ is one of their most potent creations to date.


The genetic map of this of this 60% sativa takes in Las Vagas by crossing Lemon Skunk with a prized Zkittle parent. The yellow lemon zkittle phenotype was not only the most potent offspring but it was incredibly stress resistant. The Zkittlez parent variety is known to be hugely popular in the USA, typically selling for $35 a gram and packing some seriously high THC levels.

Lemon Zkittle

This baby is, well, still a baby and she has already begun to add to the Dutch Passion trophy cabinet by taking 1st prize in the Satvia category and the overall winner prize at this year (2018) Highlife cup.

What to expect:

Lemon Zkittle is easy to grow and according to DP she is an exceptional resin producer that will flower in 9 - 10 weeks. She will develop tremendously strong buds that will form a part of an extra large yield. Expect this one to be tasty and strong as she has been bred for potency. The end product will have a sour citrus aroma and a fresh lemon taste.

Where to buy?

Amsterdam Seed Center, of course, your reliable partner in seeds is fully stocked up and ready to deliver that with a 20% discount. Come get your seeds..... come get your seeds.... come get your seeds....